Simply Blue Jeans

Time goes by really fast and it's time for fall again. One thing I really love about fall and winter is the feeling of getting warm. The Fall season is just beautiful to me. Cooler weather and changing colors of the leaves.  When the weather is cold outside you imagine you are warm underneath your coat or jacket.  I love to imagine the feeling of gettng warm that comes from candles, firewood, cuddling and a simple cup of warm coffee. Summer heat is a totally different feeling than the warmth … Read More...


I will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You

I dedicate this post for people who surround me, my family, my cousin and best friend who feel life is so difficult right now, the feeling of loneliness, emptiness and sadness. I just want to let you know that our Lord loves you and He will never abandon you nor forsake you. And God is faithful; … more

Light Up The Sky

  Light, light, light up the sky Light up the sky to show me YOU are with me I, I, I can’t deny Oh I can’t deny that YOU are right here with me You’ve opened my eyes so I can see YOU all around me Light, light, light up the sky Light up the sky to show me YOU are with me Light Up The … more


My Total Money MakeOver & The Millionaire Next Door

During our family vacation last month, I saw my sister in law reading this book, The Total Money MakeOver by Dave Ramsey. She told me that she’s just finished reading another book called  The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley As a frugal person myself I usually don’t read these kind of … more

Road Trip USA (on a Frugal Budget)

Summer and vacation time are approaching and I think it's a perfect time to share some of my tips on how to do a

Internet Price Match Up Deal

Don’t reject  deals. I’ve always been so proud of myself if I’m able to save money, even if it’s a small just a

Frugal Odd Way to Get A Free Camera

You just can’t imagine how open your life is to the world in this information age. Once you access the Internet and

Fix Your Old Car & Save Money!

Have you ever noticed wherever you go now, you see a lot of nice cars on the road. Lexus BMW,

16 Tips to Win Bidding on eBay

1. Before buying something on eBay, take a deep breath; control your body and mind 2. Decide what

Grow Your Own Organic Garden In A Small Space Area

Save money using your home grown container vegetables. How to achieve healthy fresh living without