1. Before buying something on eBay, take a deep breath; control your body and mind

2. Decide what you want to buy

Remember always that buying something on eBay always has a few risks.
Why? The first reason is because you cannot see the product in person. The second is that once you buy something on eBay, you normally cannot return it.

However, some sellers do state that you are allowed to return goods under certain circumstances. In these cases, you risk losing part of your payment because they probably won’t return the shipping cost.Shipping costs can be the most deceiving part of an eBay item that you are interested in buying.
My first inclination to buy something on eBay is always taken down a notch when I remember that I have to include “shipping costs” in addition to the price of the item. Many sellers list their products below the market price in the hopes that buyers will create excitement among bidders who will then bid the price of the item higher and higher, sometimes even higher than what is reasonable. Remember to take into account the shipping costs along with the price of the item. If you don’t, your total cost for the item could be higher than if you bought it in a retail store.

3. Especially for clothes or apparel, it’s good to know the brand of the goods you want to buy, and also your size in detail

Watch out! Not all products have the same standard measurements. For goods that have a brand name, they always have the same standard. But measurements always differ from country to country. For example, standard measurements of clothes in the U.S. may be different than those in Asia, or Europe.

4. Of course, if you’re really concerned about clothing size, you can go to a retail store and fit the items you want to buy.

For example you want to buy a Nike pants? You can go to the Nike store and fit the things you interested in. It costs nothing to try on clothes at the store. Later you can use all the sizing information to search the same brand and size on eBay.

5. Now, let’s move on. You are on eBay now. Once you get the exact item you want, the next thing you have to examine is “Seller Information
This is really important because you know the Internet is a market for many people from all over the world, a huge community in cyber space where you can’t see the people face to face.

6.The first thing you must read is “The Feedback

Positive feedback is really important because from this part you will know what kind of seller they are. Are they committed to stand behind their products they’ve sold in the past? Are they honest? As a rule of thumb, I use 80%-100% positive feedback as the criteria for finding the best sellers. But under 80%, watch out! I won’t say that all sellers with less than 80% are bad people, but you have to be careful because it’s all about your money.

For 80%-100% positive feedback sellers, I rarely actually read their feedback comments in much detail. If you’re going to do business with someone with positive feedback under 80%, it’s better for you to read the feedback comments carefully. You can examine a few negative comments and you determine the sellers credibility from the negative feedback.

In some rare cases, other eBay users may try to sabotage another user “perhaps a competitor” with negative feedback.

7. Okay, keep going! The next thing you have to know is to read the entire “Item Description” and
Shipping Instructions” and information carefully. This is true especially for clothes. Make sure they have detailed measurements including size, brand, and condition.

Never assume! For example, for pants misses size S, if the seller doesn’t give you the exact measurements, please never assume that it’s the size you want because they are many subcategories of sizes S, M, L, small from 1-4, medium from 4-8 and etc.

8. Examine the picture, if provided, but remember that the original is always different than the picture.
That’s why you need to gather as much information as possible about the product beforehand.

9. Always ask the seller questions

if you are seriously considering buying. This way, you can get an advantage by receiving a bit of information about the products that others don’t have. If seller never answers your question, don’t buy from them. Just leave it, even if it looks very good.

10. The next important thing you need to know is “Shipping Cost

Take your calculator and put in the numbers. Watch out! You don’t have to be Einstein, so don’t make it difficult. If you think the shipping cost is reasonable then keep moving on. Alert! Some sellers like to put the price extremely low with the shipping cost very high. That’s a trick!

11. Next, read “Payment Method

Not all sellers use Paypal. If the seller only takes cash or checks, be extra careful! It’s best not pay cash to someone you don’t know, unless you’re convinced in your heart that God has given you instructions to do so. Or if the seller is someone you really trust and someone you always buy from and have experience with them before. It’s your money.

12. Check the “Time Left

If the time is still long, I like to bookmark the item and monitor it everyday. If I really want to win the auction, I like to wait till the last minute and see how the bids are flowing and how much the price has changed. If it’s still reasonable, I’ll bid at the last minute at the highest maximum bid I’m willing to pay. You may not win the auction.

Of course you have to know that you’re not the only one who knows the trick of bidding at the end of an auction.
Imagine that if another person bids a high price at the last minute too. Even though you may win, you will pay for a higher price. So be careful with this trick and give it back to your heart,go with your intuition.

13.Always put “Positive Thinking” in your mind.

If you bid them and someone outbids you, just forget about that auction. Just put this thought in your mind: “there’s a good for me” Keep moving on and try again later, because eBay is so big and there are always new things appearing for sale. Don’t be stubborn and bid higher and higher simply because you want one item. Often you will regret doing so.

14.It’s also okay to bid at the start of an auction or in the middle at the lowest price, and then bid again later if you really want to own that item. Imagine if you bid in at the lowest price and no one bids after you! Yipieeeeeeeeee! You’ll get the thing you want in at a great price.

15. If you win the auction, always “Pay Immediately
not just because its good business, but because you will be more likely to get positive feedback from the seller.

16. Always give “Feedback” to the seller after you receive the goods.

Those are just tips. They are not as complicated as it sounds. Practice makes perfect, guys.Happy Bidding!!
Happy Bidding!

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