About Zlittle

About Zlittle Saving with Style by Suzana

My name is Suzana. I have been expressing my thoughts about saving the Zlittle Frugal Life blog since 2006, but a regular job and a busy schedule prevented me from blogging about things that inspired me the most. Ehhhxcuse :)

As you may have seen at Zlittle.com, my inspirations usually revolve around frugal fashion, homemaking and design ideas. BUT those are just part of my life.  Beyond of all that my main focus in life is The Lord “My Father”.  I want to use my blog to express my love, desire and passion toward the Lord and also toward things I enjoy in life.

Now it’s 2012; I feel like a new beginning is in order. I am redesigning my blog (using the frugal and free WordPress of course), spicing it up and planning to share my thoughts and ideas regularly.

Live More, Spend Less

My desire is for living more and spending less. I love fashion, interior design, arts and crafts BUT in the context of frugality. I believe “less is more.”
If you don’t have money to buy an expensive clothes, that’s okay. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Don’t let money keep you from being unfashionable. You can be fashionable even if you have $5 in your pocket. Fashion should not be complicated. Just express your inner style, create your own and be yourself. It’s important to appreciate, love and reward yourself.

I’m a firm believer in Being Thrifty. If I mention “thrifted” in my posts, that means I got them really really cheap. Most thrifted items I got, cost me no more than $5.

Besides that, I find blogging is a nice way for me to keep my journal documented. One day I will look back and see all of thrifty finds I got and I will tell myself, “hmm… I can be stylish too without spending a lot of money”. That’s an achievement itself for me ;) – Good job Suzana! —

If you happen to stumble upon my site, I would love to hear your comments. They mean a lot to me. For any other questions and inquires, you can always email at suzana[at]zlittle[at]com

Love and smile always :)

Ps: I want to give an appreciation and honor to my one and only husband Emory for his contribution, for being so patient in dealing with me when taking the pictures and editing my blog. I Love You, Honey.

By the way here’s my silly Husband . The sign says don’t trip but he still tripped (ha…ha..ha..hah)
My Silly Husband