Dressed Like A Princess

Note: Princess Arwen Undómiel is a fictional character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings

Outfit Detail:

Bebe Top – thrifted: $4.94
Ashley Cord. Jacket – thrifted: $4.94
Amour by Pepe Jimenez Mules – thrifted : $4.94
No Brand Handbag – thrifted: $ 2.60
Forever 21 Skirt: $14
Forever 21 Necklace: $6.99

In every girl’s heart, there’s always a dream to be a princess. Dream to walk like a princess, dress like a princess. When I was young I always pretended to be Cinderella. I played by myself. As a single player (since my sisters didn’t want to play with me), I acted double. Sometimes I was Cinderella, and then I changed my voice  into the step mother’s or to somebody else.

I always wanted to wear a long skirt since I was a kid, but since I was petite aka short, I always thought long skirts would overwhelm me and make me look even shorter. Not anymore. At least not until I found this cute skirt from Forever 21. The vertical lines in the skirt elongate my body and make me look taller.

Once I wore this skirt, my attitude suddenly changed. My feminine side came out. I wanted to walk and talk like a princess.  I found the lace handbag at a Goodwill store and it completed my princes look. I know this is probably perfect for spring, but since fashion has no rules… just go for it. I’m my own designer.

Here we were walking at the park, a date night with my husband before we went to see “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” It’s a great Movie. It’s worth seeing.  Anyway, after the movie and nice dinner we went home. I’m such an imaginative person, after seeing the movie my tomboy side came out. Once I got home, changed into pajamas, I then transformed into a mission impossible agent.

Ps: My tips for petite girl, if you want to wear long skirt that won’t overwhelm you, get a long skirt with vertical lines in it or made of soft material that falls on your body. Flowy but soft. Combine them with a fitted top that covers your hips. Voila… Nobody knows that you are 4”11 like me :)

Dressed Like A Princess

Dressed Like A Princess

Dressed Like A Princess


  1. Cute! Love how your coat picks up the color in your bag :)

  2. I am OBSESSED with your green blazer.

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