Fashion is an interesting event. Every designer follows the latest fashion trends but everybody perceives them through the prism of his own and national style.

The color of this autumn

Black color is in fashion. Grey and brown color spectrum are also relevant colors for this season. Deep blue and violet colors have also appeared in collections. Designers recommend pure red and scarlet only for evening but dilute brown and red and cherry color tints are leading in trimming and leather accessories. Here dark green is appropriate.

Snow white will become fashionable closer to winter but golden winter is well-disposed to creamy and lactates colors and pearl to grey color spectrum.

National motives

Elements of native ethno style should certainly be in autumn wardrobe of every fashion woman. Trapeze- like and sand-glass silhouettes, skirts with big creases, coats in ethno style are very popular this season. Embroidery and application are also welcomed.


So fashionable oval silhouette has still been very popular this autumn – but now a coat-balloon is a pink of fashion. There are different variations of it but a sleeveless jacket is especially popular. And even a severe waistcoat has an oval silhouette now. A skirt and a dress-balloon are still relevant but only made of chiffon and satin. They are great for a black tie event.


Feminine and decorative kilting is able to add slight coquettish mood even to a sad day. A kilting skirt is one more fashion must-have of the season. There are different kinds of satin kilting skirts both for everyday wear and for special occasions.


Quilted clothes are very relevant today. They make jackets, coats, skirts and even dresses quilted. Especially stylish duets look: a dress-coat and a skirt-jacket. It’s even possible to find a quilted tie that makes you look funny but very original.

A cardigan a la mere

A cozy “grandma” handmade cardigan has substituted all others cardigans and sweaters. There are a great number of sweaters and cardigans: small jackets-bolero, short-cut jackets with coquettish strings instead of buttons and long body-fitting jackets-dresses.

Short-cut pants

This autumn women shouldn’t hide their shapely pairs of legs under pants. Designers have began ignoring shorts by letting fashion ladies wear short-cut pants during cold period. The minimal length is Bermuda shorts and bridges below knees. One more fashion trend – leggings. They can substitute mini-pants for those who have ideal legs but the most fashionable variant is to wear them with skirts and dresses.

Raincoat and Coat

Military trench coat is a demi-season classic. Some designers advise fashion ladies to replenish their wardrobes with thin sateen coats – for romantic walks during cool autumn evenings. And of course every high society woman must have gorgeous silk and lacy coats. Accessories

Choosing fashion clothes for autumn and winter don’t forget about accessories. First of all remember that your bags have to match your clothing very well. Forget about bright summer jewelry-choose something more neutral. Buy comfortable stylish shoes.

One more fashion trend is your watch. Very often people forget to pay enough attention to their watch and this is the reason they look is not perfect. Nowadays designers advise to choose a watch that will be matching the whole your style. But it is not so easy because genuine brand watches cost enormous prices. But there is a great idea for you – buy replica watches. They are of a very good quality, but their price is far more moderate.

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