Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms again. I seem stuck on bell bottoms lately. It’s funny that they’re called “bell bottoms,” trousers that fit tightly around the hips, upper thighs and get wider toward the bottom. Duhh!! Of course because it looks like a bell shape.

You know I’m an information junkie. I want to know the details behind everything. Until now,  I still have a desire to be a detective (watching too much Cold Case, ID &  Forensic Files I guess). I like to get the scoop on everything and everyone. Some people call this nosy :) Especially I am interested in working on cold cases, cracking the puzzle and catching the bad guy. I know there’ s no connection between wanting to be a detective work and and 1960’s fashion unless we’re talking about the Mod Squad, but who cares?

I wore :
Top (thrifted), Alloy Flared Jeans, Brush for Payless Shoes

Bell Bottoms
From my investigation I read that bell bottoms precise origins are uncertain. Very wide trousers ending in a bell began to be worn in the U.S. Navy in the early 19th century. Why? Nobody knows. In my opinion maybe for reasons of comfort. I can understand that, especially if  they need to bend a lot, tight pants won’t be comfortable.

For some reason bell bottoms became popular in 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s and they are becoming hot again now in the 20th century. They seem to be getting wider and wider every year.

Bell Bottoms

The design was modified and modernized, then boot cut, flare and hip hugger terms come up. Eric Clapton also made a song with the title “Bell Bottom Blues.” I’m not sure what the correlation between bell bottom blues and bell bottoms pants is. I guess both reflect being at the bottom.

My tip is don’t throw away your vintage items because when fashion designers run out of ideas they will always go back to the past and modify the design.

Bell Bottoms



  1. Makes me want to go back in time to the 60’s :)

  2. I love your top, the large flower print is sooo pretty! Bell-bottoms are such a classic, lovely outfit as always! :-) xxx

  3. Love the bell bottom jeans! :)

  4. I love bell bottom jeans, they are just too fun to wear! (I remember when they came for a brief moment in the late 90s, then you have to have them as wide as they came! Granted though, it may have just been Alaska slowly catching up to the rest of the world fashion wise, we’re usually a good 25-30 years behind. ^_^)
    This is such a cute and carefree look, those bell bottom jeans look fantastic on you and I am loving that floral print tank and I like how you belted it, with the belt low. Very cute! :)

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