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Spend? Save? Invest? Financial advisers give their 2 cents on 18 common (but vexing) money dilemmas.

Use a financial planner or organize and plan your finances yourself?
What to Do: Get help from a pro.
Financial planners can help you organize your current finances and conceive a long-term plan to meet your goals (like upgrading your home or securing a target retirement income). Even if you understand personal finance, it’s hard to be objective about your own spending and savings patterns. Ask a friend who has had success with a planner for a referral, or visit the site of the Financial Planning Association (www.fpanet.org). [Read more…]

Does the label make the clothes? The answer is only if you feel like you have to be a name dropper or if you are on a red carpet revealing who designed your gown. There are some in certain social sets who would disagree with this, but the reality is that if you are an average person, it is much more important that you look your best in a style that is appropriate for your lifestyle and body type than it is to have the latest label.

When was the last time that someone who you respect for his/her fashion sense told you that you looked great? By keeping seven basic principles in mind, you can look great all of the time. [Read more…]

Fashion is an interesting event. Every designer follows the latest fashion trends but everybody perceives them through the prism of his own and national style.

The color of this autumn

Black color is in fashion. Grey and brown color spectrum are also relevant colors for this season. Deep blue and violet colors have also appeared in collections. Designers recommend pure red and scarlet only for evening but dilute brown and red and cherry color tints are leading in trimming and leather accessories. Here dark green is appropriate.

Snow white will become fashionable closer to winter but golden winter is well-disposed to creamy and lactates colors and pearl to grey color spectrum.

National motives

Elements of native ethno style should certainly be in autumn wardrobe of every fashion woman. Trapeze- like and sand-glass silhouettes, skirts with big creases, coats in ethno style are very popular this season. Embroidery and application are also welcomed. [Read more…]

There is a treasure in every piece of trash. One only has to go and look at the possibilities of every piece and finding great ways of reusing them. One of the things that we often ignore is a button.

Perhaps, because of its size or the fact that we can easily buy them from craft stores and tailor shops, buttons are often ignored and most of the time thrown away with the rest of the unwanted things in the house. Either that or they are kept in old sewing boxes where they remain in forgotten heap for centuries.

This, however, should not be the case as there are lots of uses for buttons. People only have to find the ways. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of the buttons that you have at home. [Read more…]

by Martin Lukac

Being frugal is a never ending goal. It is something you constantly work on. You can always go a step further, save just a little more.

So if there is no end, where do you start?

There are five things that every person should know in order to live a frugal life.

1. Not every frugal idea is frugal for everyone.

There is a balance between frugality and time that is unique for each person. Some people have time to grind their own wheat into flour and make their own pasta from scratch. Some people only have the time to do simple things, like set the thermostat lower and use less laundry soap/shampoo/hand soap by thinning it with a little water. Some people find the time and it pays for them. Some people find that the time costs them. There are different changes to be made by everyone.

For example, as frugal as I am, I’ve never been able to shop with coupons. I just forget that I have them or don’t have time to use them. So when I shop, I buy a lesser quantity and shop sales.

2. You have to know how you spend your money. [Read more…]