Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket

Studded Purse

Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket vs Harley Davidson

I got this faux leather jacket from my thrift shop. The jacket feels like soft leather and so stylish. Who cares if its genuine leather or faux leather.

By the way what is faux leather anyway?   The origin of word faux is French. It means imitation.

Genuine leather can be really expensive and high maintenance. As an alternative to that, Faux Leather was born. As you know Genuine Leather is made of animal skin (it seems the use of real animal skins are less and less nowadays because of animal rights proponents). On the other hand, Faux leather or synthetic leather is made of plastic. It’s processed in a significant way to look and feel like genuine leather. There are 2 kinds of synthetic leather:

  • Polyurethane
  • PVC

Polyurethane is washable; it can be dry-cleaned. But PVC is difficult to clean and cannot be dry-cleaned because the cleaning solvents can make the PVC unbearably stiff.

Aha! Now I know the reason why?

I’m not even sure whether the jacket I got was made of Polyurethane or PVC.
Poor husband, I asked him to swing by the dry cleaners to clean the faux leather jacket and the other jackets I got. The dry clean lady boldly said to him “This is not leather” and pushed the jacket back to him.

Okay…but I still need to clean it right, especially in the inside.
I decided to wash my new soft leather jacket in the washing machine with cold water, gentle cycle. I wouldn’t have worried too much if the jacket had been torn apart or wrinkled, whatever the result was, since I only bought for $5.

I guess my new faux leather jacket is made of Polyurethane. Because I could wash it. It came out nice and clean. I put a little bit shoe polish on it and it looked new again. Not bad for 5 bucks.

Ps: My husband is obsessed with Harley Davidsons. He wants to own one one day as part of his midlife crisis :)
When we saw a couple stop in front of the store and park their Harley (isn’t that a coincidence with the fact the theme of my outfit is leather and studs), he asked me to pose in front of that Harley.

 I Wore:

Leather Jacket (thrifted), Old Navy Top, Skirt (thrifted), Handbag (thrifted), Collin Stuarts Pumps

White Pants and Cargo Jacket

If you see, I rarely post a picture of me wearing long pants. I wear long pants all the time to work but for some reason in the photo those pants don’t look good on me.

I’m still in searching for the right pants that suit my body shape. My biggest problem is my thighs and hips. I need to find the right pants which hide and flatter them at the same time.

I found these white pants during my thrifty hunt last year. The cut of the pants is boot cut but it’s not enough flare to create slimmer longer legs. I don’t really like these pants that much. If I wear the wrong top it will create a big bamboo effect :) on me. You know what I mean, it’s just straight from top to bottom. But when I paired them with this tunic, the pants look a lot better on me. I tried a few tops to compensate the look but this tunic and jacket give the best performance.

Now my question is,  How Do I look?

Outfit Detail:

— Old Navy Cargo Jacket
— Tresic Top (thrifted)
— Old Navy Pants (thrifted)
— eBay Handbag
— Forever 21 Necklace


White Pants and Cargo Jacket

White Pants and Cargo Jacket

White Pants and Cargo Jacket

White Pants and Cargo Jacket

Leopard Coat

I always wanted to have leopard coat. Not because I want to copy everybody else, but I am always falling in love with the leopard motif.  And guess what! 2 weeks ago my dream came true.

Is that Juicy Couture’s?  Donna Karan’s?  Michael Kors’? (shake my head  left and right 3x).
Then with a big smile I proudly say:

It’s no-brand coat  from WalMart (yipieee…).

I know some of you are allergic to WalMart. Sometimes, just to hear the name would give you an itchy feeling or goose bumps. Grocery or bathroom products would be okay, but clothing? No way!!!

I love WalMart, I can walk from aisle to aisle browsing cheap products for the home, gardening supplies, etc. Once in a while I get a cheap clothes from there. Hey! Don’t underestimate WalMart. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Outfit Detail:

– Ann Taylor Dress – trifted- : $4.94
– Stuart Weitzman Shoes -trifted- :$4.94
– Walmart Coat : $ 17.00
– Handbag -eBay- : 10.00 (shipping not included)
– Forever 21 Bangles : $10.00 (hmm… how can this be more expensive than my dress?? not happy with this :(

note : I want to throw this pair of shoes away. I realized the size is 4.5 (mine is 5). My feet were screaming and wanted to come out of these tight shoes. If anybody wants these shoes please let me know. Just pay the shipping cost, I’ll be happy to send them to you.

Dancing Around

By the way. I noticed I got a lot of looks when we went to see the movie that day. I wasn’t sure if that those were dirty looks or adoring looks. They kept staring at my handbag and my coat.  It seemed they were curious to know where I got them (hehe..that’s just my interpretation).
Let’s just assume they like my coat. Do you think they know I got it from Wal Mart? I don’t think so, unless they saw it there.

Leopard Coat and Orange Handbag

What I’m trying to say is no matter what brand you are wearing, looking your best is what counts. Since there’s no pop up window that comes out of your body and says … Proenza Schouler bag, Juice Couture perfume, Michael Kors coat.  Nobody would know what label you are wearing unless you tell em. They can only guess. The key is how you present things.

As for me, I can care less for the brand name (Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely happy if someone gives me designer items. I will receive them with my whole open heart :o) ) as long as it feels good, looks good and is cheap,  I’ll get it. Once in a while I buy quality ones of course.

Leopard Coat

I like quality stuff too but there are so many cheaper stuff that high in quality too. Now it depends on your motif:

You buy expensive clothes because of quality, or you want to buy them to improve your life style, or you want to show off, or maybe you want to splurge and spoil yourself.  It’s good if  you can afford nice clothes but if you can’t afford them and force yourself to buy them till debt do us apart. That is sad.

I’m in the happiness mode here all the time, the more money women spent the better, the more stuff they buy the better.  That means, the more donation to  goodwill will occur. That also means the more stuff (with better selection) I can get without spending a lot of money.

Here’s a simple formula created by “Suzana Rowland” X Piggy Bank (for me) = Spending More (from others) – Donating More (from others)

Now tell me who’s smart?

Leopard Coat


Orange Handbag

Oh guess what? when we took this picture a man walking his dog (quite far from us) passed by us. The dog kept staring at me and kept pulling his leash toward us. And the owner shouted and told us, the dog wanted to be in the pic. The dog was named Truman.  He’s such a cutie and very smart too. I don’t have pet but he made me think about having one.

So Truman seemed to be falling in love with me for the first sight. I think he likes my WalMart coat too. Wish Truman had an email, I would email him this picture.

A Dog Named Truman

Chinese New Year

Today is my birthday and it coincides with the Chinese New Year 2012. It’s the year of the Dragon. I’m not Chinese but because today is my birthday, why not celebrate it as well?

I found this dragon long sleeved shirt at Goodwill and I think it would be perfect for my birthday for the Dragon Year. It seemed like it was meant to be. I hope this year will be my lucky year :)  -We stopped by the Chinese Mall after church and snapped this pic.

Instead of the girl with the dragon tattoo, I officially said I’m a girl with the dragon shirt

Happy Birthday To Me! Happy Birthday To Me!  Happy Birthday Dear Suzana, Happy Birthday To Me !!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Dragon Shirt


Summer over Grafitti

Outfit Details:

– Old Navy Crop Sleeves Jacket – thrifted: $4.94
– Ross Store- Polka dot Tube Dress:  $12.00
– DSW Boots: $15.00
– Forever 21 Bangles: $3.00
– New York & Co (Necklace): $13.00

The outfit I was wearing here is actually a summer tube dress. I love wearing my summer dress in the winter. I love to add motifs to my outfit instead of wearing boring heavy, dark winter clothes.  As long as you layer it inside, you are good to go. The thing I love about the jacket here is the collar. It can be put down or up. When the weather gets colder, just pull it up to keep warm.

The day after New Year’s day, we visited “Little Five Points” in midtown Atlanta. The atmosphere was so refreshing over there. Of course half of the stores were closed. There’s a vintage flare surrounding the area. We just wanted to hang out there for a while and watch movie afterwards (Gosh! glad I didn’t have to go to work that day).

I was so ecstatic to see all the graffiti everywhere. I told my husband (my faithful cameraman) that we needed to capture this stuff. Don’t you think graffiti in the right place can be used as a form to express your creativity in responsible way? What I don’t like is when people vandalize public property. I see that as an irresponsible act.

Below, I posted a little gallery of what we saw. We are planning to hunt for some new graffiti around town. Graffiti art can make for some nice backgrounds, don’t you think?

Polkadots and Grafitti

Polkadots and Grafitti


Grafiti Gallery