For 3 weeks we are having trouble getting gas here in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Most of the gas stations nearby were empty. If you are lucky, you can find one or 2 gas stations open. But you have to wait in line for about 15-30 minutes. We’ve been lucky to a find gas station with a short line and only wait for 10-15 minutes. I heard from some people that they had been waiting for about an hour or so.

Chin Chin Restaurant Sign

Take a look at this new ad we saw as we drove by Chin Chin Restaurant with our nearly empty gas tank. Isn’t this a smart idea? [Read more…]

Might as well keep the peace and go with a bunk bed when decorating the kids’ room.

KidsDecorating your child’s room can seem tricky to pull off when you don’t know where and how to begin. When that room serves two children, the challenge can seem even more overwhelming. But have no fear. Not only are there a few simple things you can use to get started, but these long-lasting ideas can help anyone on a budget turn a boring room into a great-looking one.

The most important thing to address is where your children sleep. Certainly anyone who has two children in one room knows that space can be limited. While two beds might seem like a good idea to divide the room, this can be costly. Secondly, dividing the children’s rooms from a design stand point can throw off the flow of the room. Lastly, if your children are sharing a room, dividing it will only make it that: divided. Bringing two children in one room makes sure that the children know they are sharing a space and will not lead to little battles every time one sibling’s stuff crosses the line.

Now that the children are settled into their shared space, make sure you can find a theme that will unite them. This is certainly easier if both children are the same sex, but either way a rule of a thumb is to pick neutral colors. Whether the walls are white or tan or light blue, having these kinds of hues outfit the walls makes for easier decorating all around. These types of colors are those that can grow with a child at any age, unlike juvenile pastels or garish pinks. Additionally, coinciding furniture is much easier to match against say a tan than something bolder and louder.

A good bet is to pick furniture that goes with the frame of the bunk bed. If you pick a metal framed bunk bed, fill the room with colors like black, gray, or white according to the paint job on the frame. A white bookcase, desk, toy box, and shelving will fit seamlessly with a white colored metal bunk bed, for example. If the frame is wood, simply follow the same rules and choose furniture in the same finish.

Lastly, incorporate aspects of each child into the room evenly. Be sure to fill the shelving with pictures of your children with their friends evenly. Also leave space for their own belongings accordingly in the closet. It is easy enough to have sides when it comes to the closet. As for the room, make it cohesive.

The great thing about a children’s room for two is that you save money only having to buy furniture for that room versus a couple. Having a kid’s bunk bed in the room is a great first step to tying the room together right off the bat. Next you simply have to match the rest of the furniture according to its style and color. And with that, your children will enjoy peacefully cohabiting their room, will not fight over sides, and you will walk away saving money for more important things you can do as a family.

Not related to frugality though, but I found this really cool site. And I’m thinking gosh! I love this site and want to share it with you.
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