Chinese New Year

Today is my birthday and it coincides with the Chinese New Year 2012. It’s the year of the Dragon. I’m not Chinese but because today is my birthday, why not celebrate it as well?

I found this dragon long sleeved shirt at Goodwill and I think it would be perfect for my birthday for the Dragon Year. It seemed like it was meant to be. I hope this year will be my lucky year :)  -We stopped by the Chinese Mall after church and snapped this pic.

Instead of the girl with the dragon tattoo, I officially said I’m a girl with the dragon shirt

Happy Birthday To Me! Happy Birthday To Me!  Happy Birthday Dear Suzana, Happy Birthday To Me !!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Dragon Shirt



  1. Happy birthday from your photographer! You look great in red.

  2. Charmaine o says:

    HapPy birthday to you!!! My birthday is Al’s today! It’s amazing that it falls on the Chinese new year. Make sure Toby a lottery ticket :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Love the red and purple together and your top is awesome :D

  4. So happy new year and happy birthday !!

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