If you are looking for a unique and affordable favor, why not create a personalized chocolate favor covered with a custom wrapper that tastefully coordinates with your wedding theme.

If creating an edible keepsake appeals to you, you have many styles of favors to choose from. The most popular candy wrapper favor is the full-sized chocolate bar. One of the main benefits to using a full-sized favor is that it can be made to serve dual purposes. In addition to being a creative favor for your guests, it can also serve as a seating placecard complete with the guests’ names and table seating imprinted on the wrapper.

The full-sized candy wrapper favor utilizes a Hershey’s 1.55 oz. chocolate bar over which a custom candy wrapper is applied. Now that Hershey’s has modified their wrapper, an additional foil covering is also needed if you like the look of metallic foil ends. Another option for the full-sized candy wrapper favor would be to use Nestle’s Cookie n Creme bars. Although they are now also full enclosed, the ends are still metallic; providing a more “finished” look to your favor.

You can also use mini or nugget-sized candy wrapper favors. These smaller treats can be sprinkled onto guests tables as personalized accents. Or they can be decoratively bundled within organza favor bags, complete with a bow and gift tag.

The quickest way create a candy wrapper favor layout and design from scratch is to purchase a few bars of the chocolate you will be using and remove the original wrapper. You will need to measure the original wrapper to determine the overall size. You will also need to locate the approximate position of text and images. Then open your word processor or graphics program and create a new document using these measurements. You may need to reposition your text boxes a few times and print out a few samples to ensure that the image and text positioning is correct. Once everything is in place, you can personalize the front of the wrapper with graphics that match your wedding theme, photos of the couple or simply add a couple’s monogram. Complete the wrapper by adding a personal couple’s sentiment on the back.

If the thought of having to measure out and design a wrapper from scratch doesn’t appeal to you, you can still save money and time by purchasing a pre-made candy wrapper design and adding your own text. Pre-made designs come in almost every color and theme imaginable. Adding custom text is as simple as inserting the imagine into a graphics program or word processor such as Microsoft Word. Just add your text and print; then cut and assemble your favors.

Some quick tips for assembling your custom candy wrappers:

  • If you will be creating a lot of wrappers, invest in a paper trimmer which you can get from most office supply stores. Trimmers designed for personal use cost between $12-$18 and will expertly trim your wrappers and save a tremendous amount of time and energy.
  • Using printer ink can be costly, especially for wrappers with intense colors. Save ink by printing one set of wrappers, then run off color copies at your local copy or office supply store.
  • Create beautiful edges on your wrappers using fancy edge scissors found at most craft stores.
  • Glue sticks can be used to seal the wrapper; but double-sided tape provides a cleaner, more professional finish and is less likely to come undone during handling.

When done properly, custom candy wrapper chocolate favors can become a very tasteful and elegant accent to your wedding reception. The ability to add personalization makes it a favor your guests will certainly remember.

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Chris is a contributing designer at Raspberry Swirls, a site providing custom printable candy wrappers and invitations for weddings, birthdays and more.

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