by Suzana Rowland

Dearest Friends

Time goes by so fast, without realizing it we are now in the first week of December 2005. Can you believe that? It seems just a few months ago we just celebrated New Year 2005 and now, in 25 more days from now we will be living in the year 2006. For a December message, today I want to share you something………………………………

I had a really sad dream yesterday when I was taking my nap; a dream about my mom. The dream began when my mom left our house for a trip to another part of the island. I didn’t know when my mom was gone because I wasn’t at home at the time. When I came back home, I later found out from my sister that she went there for a few days to visit my aunt. That’s really strange to me because my mom had never previously gone anywhere without telling me. She loves me so much and we’re like a flower and its stem with each other. I love my mom very dearly. I was wondering if there was something wrong with her.

Day by day I was sitting by the window, waiting for her to come home but I never heard anything from her. I was sad; I really missed her so much. I could smell how wonderful her smell was from the back of the wall. I could see her smile and the swaying of her dress while she walked in the hallway, while she was cooking in the kitchen. I totally missed her

A few days went by; one day, from a distance I saw an elderly lady walking toward our house. She looked like my mom. I was so happy. I jumped around, waived my hands and ran toward her. But I was really disappointed; my head hung down low. She was not my mom, but my aunt.

I asked my aunt where my mom was, and she said she is still there in the island and couldn’t come back because she was sick. I didn’t want to believe her. I kept waiting and started crying. I didn’t understand why my mom did that to me; why she left me without telling me. But in deep inside of my heart I believed she’d be back soon and she would finally kiss me on my cheeks. “Just believe,” I thought to myself.

I woke up with my tears falling down on my eyes. I’ve never felt so sad like that in my whole life. I miss her so much. I miss to touch her wrinkled skin, to smell her powder on her face, miss to be in her hug; miss her cooking, her kisses. I miss everything about her from head to toe.

In fact, it’s been a year and half since I moved to the US that I haven’t seen my mom. I want to tell you something that’s true that you’ll never miss someone until you leave them or until they leave you. Many times I found myself regretting that I didn’t spend more of my time with her. For 32 years I had spent my life together with her and my dad, but I still feel it’s not enough. Why? That’s because I didn’t spend every moment of my time with them as quality time. Being together with a person doesn’t mean that you always use the chance and appreciate the time that God has given to you. Most of the time, everything becomes so routine and you forget to appreciate the the relationships you have. But you’ll never regret until you leave.

Count your days and your blessings every day. Thank God for your parents, family and, friends. And for the times that God has given to you. Make sure that you say how much you love the person. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Spend every moment as quality time because life is a mystery that is present now and easily gone tomorrow. Say and share your love with your loved ones with all your heart before it’s too late.

My dad loved to give me long sermons when we were together and I hated hearing that all the time. My mom and I called him “Saint” every time he started his sermons. As usual, it came to my left ear and went through my right ear, or vice versa. I wanted to say stop giving me your lectures and sermons! But now, I really miss my dad’s sermons. I miss to see his serious face when he gave me his lecture. Isn’t that funny? You start appreciating everything after you lose the moment and wish you could rewind the clock…

Love you all,


  1. This story really made me think how lucky we are to spend time with our loved ones and to appreciate every moment.

  2. alicia thompson says:

    I know, you are absolutely right. We should all slow down, and appreciate what really matters in life….the people we love… family and friends, and pets too!! Thank you for writing such a wonderful story.

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