Every time I look at my feet, I just don’t like them. Honestly, I want to learn to like them, but it’s really difficult to fall in love with my tiny size 5 feet. If they were just small in size that would okay. That’s cute, but bunions have ruined my feet’s appearance for many years. If I can describe it, my feet almost look like raw ginger with a bump here and there because of silly bunions. Bunions make feet look so unflattering. Especially if you want to wear sexy open toe high heels/ sandals.

A little bit about bunions. They are an enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint at the base of the big toe. If you have a bunion, you will notice a bump on your big toe joint. The big toe may turn in toward the second toe, and the tissues surrounding the joint may be swollen and tender.


One afternoon, I went to take my husband to a doctor. I was reading a few magazines in the doctor’s waiting room. I stumbled upon an advertisement about yoga toes. Actually, I have been tempted to do foot surgery to have my bunion removed a few years ago. I have already had a daydreaming about how cute my small feet look like after surgery. The result of the foot surgery will be perfect and faster. But I heard that “the after” surgery recovery indeed is really painful. You can’t walk freely for a few weeks. Besides that, it’s quite expensive. I confess I don’t actually know how much bunion surgery costs. Even though we have fairly good insurance, I doubt the insurance will pay for bunion removal.

Yoga Toes

I looked for some yoga toes reviews on the Internet. Based on the reviews, 90% of yoga toes users said they are really satisfied with yoga toes.
I love doing yoga, I know in yoga “practice makes perfect”. At the very first time I did yoga, I couldn’t even bow and kiss my knee. Because of regular practising, now my body is really flexible. I can bend it like a cobra snake dancer If I want :)
The principal of yoga toe is similar to doing yoga for your body. You actually teach the foot muscle and bones/joints.

Based on the positive reviews about yoga toes, I decided to gave it a try. My husband was so skeptical about yoga toes that can fix bunions. He said ” impossible.” I know the result is not as instant as when you do a surgery. But at least it is a lot cheaper than a surgery. Besides that, it’s less less less painful. If yoga toes don’t work then surgery will be my last option.

Last month, I ordered my yoga toes online at www.yogapro.com. I tried to find it on eBay but decided not to buy on eBay even though the price was a bit cheaper. The reason I bought it at Yoga pro (even though the price a little bit higher) is because they give 90 days money back guarantee. I thought I’d try it for 3 months. If nothing happen I’d send it back to them and get my money back.

Mani/Pedi Kit

I bought a package called Mani/Pedi kit for $60 with free shipping. Together with this package, I got Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme (.30 oz) , – Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme (.25 oz) , – Hand Salve (.30 oz), – Coconut Foot Creme (.56 oz), – Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream (.50 fl oz) , – Beeswax and Banana Hand Creme (.30 oz) , – Honey Lip Balm (.15 oz), – Cozy Cotton Socks in this package. Not bad huh? Yoga toes itself comes in several different colors. I picked pink.

I got my yoga toes 7 days after I ordered them online. I couldn’t wait to try them on. The first time it was really uncomfortable wearing them. I wore them just for an hour everyday. Gradually, from an hour I could wear them for 5 hours. Now I can wear them a whole day while I work at my desk. I even can walk when wearing them, well, walking like a cave woman of course. They are not easy to walk with because yoga toes aren’t designed for walking I guess. I’ve just been silly and lazy to remove them from my feet; that’s why I walk around the house with my yoga toes. My husband always laughs at me. He said it’s not sexy at all.

After a month, I saw a slight change in my feet. I was eager to speed up the process, then 2 weeks ago I started wearing them at night. I sleep in with yoga toes on my feet. My husband was shocked when one night in the dark he rubbed my fingers. They are rough and big. He asked me “why you have all toes in your hand, honey?”, wua aaaha ha…. gotcha!! “that’s my yoga toe”, I said.

Here’s how I wear them to sleep. I put on my yoga toe then cover it with loose socks so that yoga toes won’t move. I have seen a lot of improvement since I tried this trick. Based on my experience, yoga toes really work. The result is not instant, of course. It just needs a little bit practice, patience and discipline. Again that’s the yoga principle, isn’t it?

Also, I think yoga toes are really good for your legs. I used to have bruises all over my legs every time I walk, now since I wear yoga toes regularly, I noticed my bruises were gone. I think they fixed my poor leg circulation. Now wherever I go, my yoga toes faithfully go with me. My legs and feet are smiling :) all the time because of yoga toes. Thanks yoga toes. Even though my toes still look like ginger, but I hope one day, from the ginger shape they will turn to be a cute carrot shape.

If you have experience with yoga toes, please share with us! We like to hear that………


  1. trixie says:

    I got some yoga toes in May 2007, so I’ve been using them for about a month and a half. I wear them to bed and usually take them off in my sleep after 2-3 hours, but I also wear them around the house for a couple of hours a day (longer on weekends).

    I don’t have bunion problems, despite wearing lots of pointy toed high heels. But over the last few years I have noticed that the toes on my left foot were not as flexible or strong as those on my right foot. Sometimes I felt numbness in the three little toes on my left foot.

    Since using the yoga toes I am seeing increased flexibility and strength in these toes. Sometimes it tingles and feels like they are coming to life again. The yoga toes can be uncomfortable, but in a good, stretching sort of way. I really like how they release tension in my ankles and calves.

    I give these a thumbs up!

  2. Cici says:

    I ordered Yoga Toes and could not get them over all my toes on my size 6 feet. I thought they were just too big, but if you can get them on size 5’s, I’ll try again. Thanks to Frugal Upstate for linking me to your article.

  3. Zana says:

    Hey, I just got my Yoga toes a week ago. So they do really work? Could you show some after and before pictures? Because I havent seen any yet=)

  4. OMG! YES, please post or send before & after pics! I have the same problem and i REALLY dont want to do surgery. Im really tempted to try Yoga Toes after your review.

  5. So did the Yoga Toes help with your bunions? I have bunions too and was considering purchasing some Yoga Toes to help cure them. I don’t want to have to spend a ton of money on surgery to fix my bunions.

  6. Hi Sam,

    I have a big bunions. I saw a little change since I’ve been wearing my yoga toes. The problem is I wearing high heel shoes all the time and yoga toe won’t help much if I keep pushing my feet with high heel.

    But at least yoga toes really help my big toe stay still and not push it against my the other toes.

  7. Hi Zana,

    I don’t have before and after picture yet.

  8. Does anyone know if this would help with arthritis? My second toe is turning into my third do to arthritis:(

  9. cool girl says:

    how much r they?

  10. I own a pair of the competitor brand Healthytoes – and i love them! They were also much cheaper than the others.

  11. Mike; YES, they do help with arthritis pain; read this from an article about YogaToes:

    “So how do YogaToes work? YogaToes work by stretching and strengthening feet to prevent future problems, and by soothing and relaxing sore feet. YogaToes have been advertised as being able to correct many foot problems including Hammertoes, Foot Pain, Arch Problems, Bunions and more. YogaToes are also a great alternative treatment for those with circulation problems, as well as those suffering from arthritis”

    They increase circulation so that can relieve the pain from arthritis. of course, it might still be a good idea to take arthritis pain medication, too. I purchased the YogaToes pack that comes with YogaToes, minin massagers and the foot cream. I have stiffness in my toes from wearing high heals all day and from exercise and the toes next to my little toes on both feet are bent…not hammer toes, but they are bent…the right toe is bent to the left and the right toe is bent to the right…they look like commas! Anyway, I always felt that my feet would look perfect if not for those two rotten toes that curve…I have been using my YogaToes for 2-months religiously and I have seen a significant change in those two toes…they are not perfectly straight yet but they are definitely much straighter than they were..I’m very happy. Also, the females in my family suffer from Gout which makes the big toe joint stiff and painful at times….the YogaToes and the massagers have greatly improved the flexibility of that joint and eliminated the pain COMPLETELY. I can actually bend my big toes down without the popping and pain; I hope to one day say that the YogaToes have absolutely straightened my two curved toes…the improvement is noticeable but not perfectly straight…yet! :)

  12. Hmm, so they dont work:P?

  13. Hi, I am considering to buy a pair of YogaToes as I have bunions, it has been bothering me for many years. Your review really encourage me to buy it =) However, is there any cons to wear it? And may I know since when did you realize that you have bunions?

  14. Kathy says:

    I just got my yoga toes today and had no trouble getting them on but I’m a size nine with what my husband calls monkey toes-very long. It was very encouraging to read the comments here as I think I may have a bunion beginning and sure don’t want surgery. I’ll check back in a month or so.

  15. I got a pair of Beech sandals. These were advertised in O magazine. they are like yoga toes with sandals so they are easier to wear and walk in. I have not worn them much yet so I haven’t seen any benefits. But after reading about yoga toes, I think I will try to wear my sandals more often.

  16. Laura says:

    so im 15 and i have had bunions for many years. it runs in my family. my mom had surgery when she was 13 and her feet are TERRIBLE but she has no pain. so she is trying everything for me instead of surgery.
    about a month ago i was in CVS and i saw these yoga toes. they werent the exact yoga toes that are up there ^ but the same idea.
    the box said wear them for a few mintues the first day and gradually bulid up to 5 mins. i did that for 2 weeks and nothing! so i built my time up to 10 mins then started sleeping in them.
    then i noticed something. my feet hurt more. my toes constiently feel trapped even as i sit and type this with no shoes on.
    i hoestly think those yoga toes ruined my feet.
    has anyone else had an expirence like this?

  17. I just got my HealthyToes today! So excited!! I’m hoping they’ll help with my squished toes from years of dancing and wearing pointy shoes!!! :) yay!

  18. I got my yoga toes at Bed, Bath, Beyond for like $10 before the ever present 20% off coupon. It says that you are only supposed to wear them 10 minutes at a time though. How are you all wearing them for like hours and hours?

    • I’m wearing them for about 4 hours or sometimes I use them when I sleep. But my toes start getting numb when I use them too long. I usually remove them when it starts to hurt. I think the key here is being constant and disciplined. Even if we only use them for 10 minutes/day as long as you do it regularly, you’ll see results. It’s like Yoga, your body gets more flexible the more you exercise.

  19. Coupon for (www.yogapro.com) yoga toes LKY or LKY81 will get either $15 or 15% off try it out found in Lucky magazine. Yogapro yoga toes are BPA free and the originals. I have had yogapro yoga toes for two years love them definitely worth the money! Have lasted for two years and love them they work! Uncomfortable at first and seem hard to get on or that they are not on right but they are and after a couple of times they feel great and really help foot’s appearance and flexibility Hard to walk in, best to wear while sitting or wear at night but wear socks so they don’t fall off in bed.

  20. avril johnston says:

    I have been using YogaToes for a week. I usually wear them in the evening and have progressed to wearing them for 2-1/2 hours without discomfort.

    I have generally troublesome feet (no arches; first, fourth and fifth toes bent out of alignment; and a hammer toe on one foot). All my life my feet have been the source of pain, making distance walking no pleasure.

    Is there anyone out there who has found real, measurable success from using YogaToes? If so, how long did it take and for how long each day did you wear them

    I am most particularly concerned to heal the hammer toe. Has anyone had success in this?

    • I have a terrible hammer toe on each foot AND heel bone spurs or plantar fasciitis I believe it’s called. Yoga toes absolutely help and I wear them as often as possible. I literally only take them off when I have to. If I am home, they are on my feet. I take short breaks if needed. It improves every condition, and I am diligently hoping they correct my foot issues permanently. Worth every penny

  21. Sandra says:

    I got Healthytoes from Overstock but the wedges between the toes push against the sides of my toes so hard I get red dents in them. I am not sure this is supposed to happen so if anyone has any comments about that, I’d like to hear them. I ordered a pair of Yogatoes today since they havea refund policy and if they are no better/different than the Healthy Toes I will return them. They are half the price of Yogatoes. I’ve had them for a few days…got them since I may have a neuroma or something on my foot so really hoping they will help/cure the problem.

  22. What is the difference between Yogatoe, Healthy toe, and pamper toe? the prices are about 50, 30 and 10 dollars,respectively. if there is no difference i’d rather buy the 10 dollar pamper toe, as seen on tv. please let me know!

  23. I work for the UK distributor of Beech Sandals… they have a similar concept to yoga toes but they are sandals which means you can wear them out of the house and its easier to walk around in them!

    They have a large range of health benefits from improving posture to alleviating bunions. They even have arch support which gives fantastic comfort!

    I’d definitley go for Beech sandals over the Yoga Toes – they are so much more functional!

  24. Geenie says:

    I use the little foam toe seperators you get for applying nail varnish – its practicaly the same effect of toe spreading without the cost!

  25. susie says:

    My trainer recommended SmartToes Toe Stretchers. http://www.SmartToes.com They’re less expensive than Yoga Toes and I love the unique design with the extended textured base. They’re easy to put on, comfortable to walk around with, and so soothing on my tired feet and toes. She gave me a discount code MB10 for 10% off, but I saw them for sale on amazon also.

  26. Natick says:

    I bought Pampered Toes at Bad, Bath and Beyond yesterday and am wearing them now. These are very bulky, even a bit heavy. The sections that separate the toes are thick and a bit uncomfortable. I didn’t do the research before purchasing Pampered Toes, but now that I did my research. I think I will purchase YogaToes and return Pampered Toes. Just by comparing the pictures, YogaToes look lighter and less bulky. I think it might be worth the money. Either way, I am desperate to fix my toes!

  27. Not Telling says:

    Hey guys, (that previous message was not meant to be sent)

    I’ll just tell you the straight up truth. I am thirteen years old, and man oh man I already have large bunions at this young age. I noticed them about one to two years ago… and (as of recently) have been soooo frustrated with them that not even words can suffice. And yes, it is definitely hard to find the right shoes. Even if the shoes fit, it doesn’t look attractive enough for me to buy them. A lot of people tell me that my bunions are “cute” and they’re something that make me original. Me? I couldn’t disagree more. Because of that, I have realized that no ones opinion is as important as my own.

    So… I thought about it very thoroughly (quite often, trust me) and I decided that I wanted to get bunion removal surgery. Pretty much everyone said that it wasn’t worth it (and I wasn’t even sure if I literally could at this age [for my foot’s probably still in development] so I put that “aside” and assumed that there were other options/alternatives)…

    One day I was flipping through a little random magazine… and I came across an article about some “toe socks” that could cure many things in the foot such as pain, hammertoes, and of course- bunions (etc.). After that I immediately informed my mom about it. She didn’t think much of it but she ordered them anyways. I was excited, knowing that my ugly feet would soon be the last thing on my mind. I haven’t received them yet but I will be expecting them in a few weeks or so. In the meantime I have been searching the internet for alternatives to bunion removal surgery/how to get rid of bunions, and I came across so many things including YogaToes… and thanks to everyone out there who posted something about the toe braces, and pictures on the internet that showed me how nasty bunion removal surgery can be… I have decided to “skip” the surgery (most likely- unless worst comes to worst)… and I am now strongly thinking about ordering some YogaToes (because I am in great denial that these other braces are gonna work). And before this message gets longer than alreadytoolong, I just want to ask everyone with YogaToes experiences if it’s really worth it. Please respond… thanks :)

    A few last things I just gotta say/ask:
    -How much do they cost?
    -I wanna see before and after pics!
    -Are they the best alternative… or is there some other toe brace with better quality or something?
    -How long would I have to wear them for the change to start taking place?
    -Is It Truly Worth It?!?!
    -Kay, bye now ;)

  28. Psychokitty says:

    I made my own toe separators by cutting up pieces of the semi-squishy foam that my laptop came packed in. These work well, although probably not as comfortable as gel ones would be. In the past, I’ve cut up an old towel into little strips that I roll up and put in between the toes. These have the advantage of being washable, but again, probably not as comfortable as gel ones.

    As a runner, I like the stretching that they provide my achilles tendon area. Plus, there is a nice feeling after removing them…a toe separation nirvana that lasts from five to twenty minutes.

    Being separate spacers between each pair of toes, it’s easier to loose spacers, and so I have to make new ones every once in a while. But the price is right, and they essentially perform the same function as the pricey Yogatoes. Also, this might be a good way to test out whether or not the toe separation function works for you before actually splurging for the nice ones.

  29. just a little thought: there’s a warning that comes with the yoga toes that says to NOT walk in them. basically, you could break your toes. not a good idea at all!

    but i love them and think they’re a great product!

  30. Kris says:

    I just got a pair of yogatoes today and so far I like them. They’re kind of uncomfortable but in a good way if that makes sense. I found mine on yogapro.com, they have a clearance section with discontinued colors. I bought an orange pair for around $20.

  31. ukiikoo says:

    does cvs sell yoga toes??
    and do those work??
    my pinky toes are just a little curved
    no bunions or any of that stuff … will the yoga toes help my toes get straight ?

  32. Anonymous says:

    This really helped me. I have hammer toes and im going to my peoditrist and they want me to get orthopedics for my soccer cleats bc that is what is causing them and i think im gonna try the yoga toes and I really hopes it helps me thank You.

  33. Have been using Yoga Toes for about three years now. I found out I had been wearing the wrong size shoes for years-7 1/2 B when my feet were really 7 C. As a result, my feet were starting to have problems- a painful bunion on my right foot, corns on both little toes plus what I thought was nerve damage, numbness on left foot little toe and the one next to it. I had chronic joint pain somewhere in the middle of my left foot. I also had problems with ingrowing toenails on inside corners of both big toes. When I first started using the Yoga Toes I bought the small but had to return them for extra small in order to get them between my poor crushed up toes. I could only stand to wear them for half an hour tops, usually in a warm bath. After a couple months I was wearing them whenever I was at home, walking around my house and sleeping in them too. About a year ago I moved up to the smalls to stretch my toes out even more. Here I am about three years later with zero numbness, no pain and no bunion I can detect even when I apply pressure with my thumb to the area. I haven’t had any more ingrown toenails either. The only change I made other than Yoga Toes was that I swore off wearing stupid shoes (no more four inch heels, nothing that hurts, constricts, crams my toes together or just plain doesn’t fit my feet.) I love my healthy flexible beautiful feet now! I’m so glad I decided to start taking good care of them. They come in handy for when you paint your toenails too. Have bought Yoga Toes for family and friends as gifts. I highly recommend them even for relatively healthy feet, because these will help to keep them that way. If you have any kind of foot problems, don’t hesitate to try them.

  34. Brittany says:

    Hahaha! My feet look like ginger too! I hate it, but I just started borrowing my mom’s yoga toes and am liking them so far :) Would love to hear if you ever find a way to combat the ginger qualities of feet. Haha at least I now have something to giggle about when I look down; I’m thinking your comment may have helped me see my feetsies in a new light! Thanks! #gingertoes

  35. Emily says:

    i`m 12 and i got my yoga toes like a month ago. I am not really feeling like my feet are making that much of a difference but ill try them. thx 4 the helpful info

  36. prakash says:

    how to make my wife’s feet beautiful?

  37. Bonnie says:

    Where can I buy those yoga toes?

  38. Bonnie says:

    Where can I buy those yoga toes? What size would I take if I take a 8.5/9 shoe size? Thanks.

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