Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery Stitches
I went to a Catholic school and I remembered our nun taught us embroidery stitches in our art class.  Little did I know,  actually, there are so many kinds of embroidery stitches. A favorite type of stitching taught in our school was cross stitching. I’m not a big fan of doing embroidery. For me embroidering is boring, but I like the result though.

Especially, I like embroidery in clothing like the top I wore in the above pics. I believe the kind of stitches in the design are called chain stitches. Embroidery used to be done by hand but since the industrial revolution, machines, then later computers were used to replace hand embroidery. It’s faster and can be done in massive way.

To be honest with you, I didn’t try to match my top with my handbag but later I realized the bag has embroidery design as well. I always love a pleasant coincidence ;)

Oh yeah, these pictures were taken in a small town called Georgetown, 15 minutes drive from Pawleys Island SC. We spent a week there last week. Everytime we go to Pawleys Island, I always remember this novel by Kathie Reichs Bones to Ashes. You may already know that the crime television series “Bones” is based on her character Temperance Brennan.

I have read almost all of Kathie Reichs’ books. If you like forensic science & crime drama,  you will like these books.

I wore :
Ann Taylor Pants (thrifted), Top and Wedges (thrifted), Handbag (TJ Maxx), Sunglasses (Old Navy)


  1. Annie says:

    Love that lightweight scarf, and those wedges are SO cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Love this, such a pretty and fun outfit! Love the embroidery, such a great detail, you look lovely! xxx

  3. great look:) the sandals are gorgeous!


  4. Wow, you look so pretty like a cupcake! ;]

  5. Now this is too funny, I just finished reading Bones to Ashes a few days ago! (slowly rereading the series. ^_^) Your bag is so lovely, I love clothing that has a homemade look to it, it just seems so special then. (My mom made almost all of my clothes up until I was seven, so I have a soft place for that stuff.) And I love your printed pants, they looks so breezy and summery! :)

  6. Really like your embroidered top – and bag! Both are lovely :)


  7. I love the embroidery pieces paired together! I always remember hearing ghost stories from Pawley’s Island. ;-)

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