You just can’t imagine how open your life is to the world in this information age. Once you access the Internet and share your information a bit, it seems to spread. I am sad to think of how easy it is for someone to get access to your personal data and dance all over your life without you knowing it-all your information, your credit card number, address, etc.

This is my story…

A week before last Christmas, I got a package at my door.  It was addressed to me through I do have an account with Amazon and I had ordered a few things in the weeks earlier.  I can guess but I didn’t know exactly what I would get, since the sender could be from the third party. There’s no packing list and nothing written on the box.

Sony Camera Box

Someone had cut out the  packing list insertion and took it out. I open the box and  it’s an itty bitty Sony point and shoot camera. I never ordered it. I assumed the store just mistakenly sent it to me. Being curious, I checked my credit card online and saw a suspicious charge for $99.99.  I called the credit card company right away and told them I never made the purchase. To avoid further fraud attempts, they closed my account, sent me a new card and dispute charge form.

Sony Camera DSC-W330I also called the company listed on the address label to retrace the purchase history. By whom and where was the purchase was made? They couldn’t even find my name in their database. The customer service rep told me to call my credit card company and wait for their instructions in case I needed to return the camera. I never received any instructions since then-I guess I’ll keep the cute little camera then. I hope it’s not a time bomb disguised as a camera.

Ps: I did get a letter from my credit card company. It said, they credited my account and completed the investigation. No more action was required.

Well! well! well! I can keep the camera (I’m thinking to donate it to someone who needs it mor than me).

Sony Point And Shoot Camera

  • My Analysis : Someone tried to use my credit card, but apparently couldn’t change my address since they didn’t know my login id and password then continued pressing the purchase button with an idea they could still change the address afterwards. But apparently not, since I received the package.
  • My Tip: I’m glad I have a habit on checking my credit card regularly, at least every 2-3 days. In that way, if there’s strange activity going on, I can act quickly to avoid more damage.

So guys, do check you credit card often.

Better Cautious Than Sorry

Anyone else had this strange occurrence or want to offer a theory as to what why I received the camera?

Sony Point and Shoot Camera

Bonus Pic: I got to post this picture. I like this picture so much because it seems like I’m holding a mouse by its tail and I’m so proud that I caught a mouse


  1. Cute post although I’m SO glad you caught the error before there was anymore damage. We had seven $100 fraudulent charges on our debit card right after I used it on Amazon. (That was the only time I had used our debit card and of course, was the last. Dh “told me so”.) It took about two weeks to get the money back, but at least we did! I would have much rather gotten a free camera out of it.

    BTW, that is a great little camera! I have one just like it! Too bad they didn’t order you a DSLR! LOL

    • Hi Emily,

      yeah I love that small camera. I hope I won’t get karma when I use it. I bet the person is not a sophisticated fraud-er. If you want to do fraud at least get a good and expensive one. Man!! wish he’d ordered a DSLR. I would go call the credit card company right away and rage until they refunded my money. And that DSLR camera would be mine, all mine (errr bad thought Suzana lol)

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