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Gap Gift Card

My husband loves his 1969 Gap jeans. I plan to give him a $ 100 gap gift certificate. I gave him $200 of Macy’s gift cards 2 months ago. We bought him 2 nice jackets, one is a leather, the other is a black casual jacket, 3 long sleeves shirts.

Last year I gave him a makeover. What did I do? I have created a fashion monster. By the way the gift card is FREE. Years ago I enrolled in the “Thank You Network” rewards program from Citibank. For a long time now we’ve been building up our rewards. Now it’s time to reap the benefit. I just love rewards cards. Last year we bought our leather couch with our by cashing in some “thank you” points.

1969 Gap Men Jeans

When the GM rewards card still existed, we were able to accrue enough to put towards the down payment to buy a new car (about $3500).

There are so many reward credit cards out there. Here are several tips I can think of before you apply to one:

1. Don’t ever apply for a credit card without getting something in return. It’s free money for you.

2. Before you apply for a card, ask yourself, what is the biggest thing you want your rewards to be spent on.

3. If you travel a lot, get credit card that rewards you with travel miles, especially if you fly a lot.
If you like to use your rewards on groceries, look for a rewards card from your favorite supermarket.

4. Some rewards cards have limits to their rewards. This means, they won’t give you any rewards until you reach a certain threshold of points (I particularly don’t like this type).

3. It’s really important to read reviews, and read the terms and conditions carefully.

4. Get a card with no annual fee.

5. I prefer a credit card with general rewards in it, that is, one where you can spend it on travel, department store gift cards or even restaurants. You have more options on how you spend your rewards with this kind of rewards card.

6. Be wise with your spending and pay in full every month.

7. Free doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. Be wise on spending your rewards.
Use it when you really need it. That’s my principal all the time.

I like to use my rewards card when I want something but I don’t want to shell out the cash for it. There’s nothing better than the feeling of getting something for FREE. There’s a joy in that.

Love rewards cards. Absolutely love them.

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