Today is my birthday! For me, a birthday is not something I celebrate too commercially. I love it when people remember my birthday. Don’t you feel good when people think about you on your birthday?

Birthday Cake

I’m not a gift-demanding person either.  I just don’t like to make other people feel obligated to give me a surprise or to stress out thinking of what the best gift is to give me. Especially for men, deciding what gift to give can be challenging right? You give the wrong gift, your woman will be offended. You give a cheap gift, your woman thinks you are not valuing her. You want to give an expensive one but you don’t have money, arrgggh tough!  I know women can be difficult sometimes.

I think my husband is the luckiest person in that department because I’m such an easy going person. As long as love, kindness and affection pour out like rain, that’s enough.

At the beginning of our marriage, my husband suprised me with 2 dozen of red roses for my birthday. I was happy of course, but not so much from my frugal nerves. The first thing that came out of my mouth was,

“Why did you buy flowers that cost $50 and that die within a week?”

I know I was wrong. He’s trying to be romantic. I’m a very communicative person, later I told him it was not because I didn’t like the flowers. I told him if you want to buy me something for my birthday, I would prefer to have a plant instead of flowers. It turns out he took it well. He now understands my frugal side better since that incident. Besides that, we don’t need to wait until our birthdays to give each other a gift right? As small surprises here and there are of great value to a healthy relationship

Since I’m the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at home, don’t expect my husband to come home bringing me a diamond or a car as a surprise gift.  I monitor all spending, every dime and penny spent with our credit card. I know we can’t give each other a surprise because I will know and ask

“Honey, do you know what this charge is for? (hahaha…)”

But that method works for us. We are both happy with the way we manage it.

Since our birthdays are only a week apart, we always celebrate them together. We would ask each other what the other wants for their birthday. I usually like to get my birthday gift in advance. For example, our countertop oven was broken so I told my husband I want a new countertop oven as my advance birthday gift. We got it last Christmas.

One time my mother-in-law asked my husband what I wanted for my birthday. I’m honest. I boldly said:

“Either check or a gift card”

My husband told me I’m the most straight to the point girl in the world. I’m not ashamed.  Well, maybe because I grew up in a different culture. What you see is what you get. No sugar coating.

My point is I just don’t like it when someone gives me a gift and it gets put it in the corner because I don’t use it (maybe because it’s not my taste or color or for so many other reasons). I think that’s the most wasteful type spending you can engage in. I’d rather not get a gift than just abandon someone’s gift.  Or vice versa I’d rather get $1 cash than $50 worth of unwanted gifts. I can use my $1 to buy something better than $50 worth of gifts which I later donate to goodwill.

What do you think about my view on birthday gifts? Are you like me? I’d love to hear a different point of view from you.


  1. valentina says:

    Hello! i find this blog now and i love it very much!
    Hapy Birthday!
    i love your style..i’m a fashion addicted, i like bags and shoes! one of my favorite brand is the italian Il Bisonte!
    (it makes leather vintage bags!)

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