I’m a big fan of make up especially, lipsticks. It seems like every time I go to the mall or regular retail stores, I feel like I am committing a crime if I don’t stop at a cosmetic counter/area. The temptation is overwhelming. Do you have the same problem as me? Nowadays, there are so many cute cosmetics with a different looks, colors and styles. All of them claim they are the best, they can make you look younger, and on and on. I love color a lot and I love to play with colors.


Even though I have tons of lipsticks, it seems that they are never enough. I want to have a complete color collection that matches all of my outfits. Or maybe it’s just my addiction. Several times when I bought a new color which I thought was a new cool color for me, I got home and found out I already had one of a similar color. Then I ended up having so many lipsticks in similar color or slightly different.

As you all know that we can’t keep cosmetics for too long. Let say for 10 years. There’s a limit to how long we can keep cosmetics for  safety reasons. The best sign of when to throw your make up away is when the color changes or an odor develops. Get rid off them. Most cosmetics use preservatives to fight bacteria. The reason the color changes or odor develops is because the preservatives may no longer be able to fight bacteria.


Here’s a simple guide for how long you can keep your make up:

  • Mascara: 3 months ( for this one is a MUST)
  • Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months (for this one is a MUST)
  • Oil Free Foundation: 1 year
  • Nail Color: 1 year
  • Concealer: 1-1.5 year
  • Lip gloss: 1.5-2 years
  • Powder: 2 years
  • Blush and Bronzer: 2 years
  • Eye shadow: 2 years
  • Eyeliner: 2 years
  • Lipstick: 2 years
  • Lip liner: 2 years

In my opinion, there’s no hard and fast rule on when to throw cosmetics out. I believe we can keep make up indefinitely as long as it looks and smells all right and the consistency doesn’t change. But there are some products that are really sensitive and the rule is if it’s not working.

This season is about natural fresh looking color. Emphasize the assets that you already have Nude or natural lip color for lipstick is in now. I used to get really tempted to buy lipstick which is in season. But now since I have so many lipsticks I want to be more frugal and find creative ideas to use what I already have to create a new color to suit me.


So I came up with this idea, If you have a lot of lipsticks in bold colors that are too bold to wear everyday, here’s the trick: buy a nude lipstick. First apply lip balm or moisturizer to your lips, then if you like to use lip liner, frame your lips thinly (I don’t like to use this because if you are are not careful you can make your outer lips darker) then with a lipstick brush, fill the lips with bold lipstick color first. Make it even. Then apply the nude color on top of it, and you are done. Believe me you can have tons of new colors that you create by yourself. And you don’t need to buy a new lipstick that’s matchy matchy with your outfit. Simple but frugal.

Do you have some new tricks with your cosmetics? Anything related to cosmetic stuff. Please share yours. I’d like to hear them.


  1. When i was younger i couldn’t resist buying makeup and especially lipstick, to the point that i would end up with a bag full of half used yukky looking lippy. But then about ten years ago when money became more of an issue and i started to live my life in a more frugal way i just completely stopped buying makeup and now all i have is the bare essentals and only buy new when something wears out.
    It was like breaking an addiction but to be honest it was quite liberating.


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