Train Tracks

Outfit Details

Gap – Red Jacket : $4.94
Old Navy – Crop Jeans : $4.94
Newport-News – Flat : $12.00

Both jacket and crop jeans were bought at Goodwill store. I bought the red pair flat on sale at Newport-News online site a few years ago.

Gap Red Jacket


We took these pictures on the way home from my mother-in-law’s house in rural Georgia near an old railroad stop. I love taking pictures of old, abandoned buildings. It’s always such a mystery to me. I always want to know the hidden stories behind the old homes.

Don’t you think taking pictures of yourself is a neat way to see how good fashion looks on you? The mirror can’t tell the real story. Your true self comes out better in a photo. It’s like seeing yourself with someone else’s eyes. You really want to see whether or not certain clothes emphasize the flaws of your body type. Or perhaps certain clothes magically create an illusion to mask the imperfections of your body

I’m a petite 4’11, with a pear body shape. One thing I learned from this picture:
I don’t think I look good in these crop jeans. These jeans made my legs look shorter. And they emphasize my heavy thigh and hips.

Let’s see if we can fix this problem with a different outfit in the future!

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