For 3 weeks we are having trouble getting gas here in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Most of the gas stations nearby were empty. If you are lucky, you can find one or 2 gas stations open. But you have to wait in line for about 15-30 minutes. We’ve been lucky to a find gas station with a short line and only wait for 10-15 minutes. I heard from some people that they had been waiting for about an hour or so.

Chin Chin Restaurant Sign

Take a look at this new ad we saw as we drove by Chin Chin Restaurant with our nearly empty gas tank. Isn’t this a smart idea?

Last Saturday, my husband and I went out for dinner. With a little gas left in the tank, we decided to eat at a nearby restaurant to save gas. If lucky we would try get gas after dinner. My husband thought the later the better. On the way to the restaurant, we passed our favorite BP gas station and found out it was open (3 days earlier it had been barricaded tightly with tires and yellow tape surrounding the gas pumps. It looked almost like a war zone).

Even though there was a fair line, it was not too long. I suggested we get gas before going to dinner or we wouldn’t get a chance at all. My husband didn’t like the idea. He didn’t want to think about spending our wonderful Saturday night waiting in line at the gas station. Far from romantic. But what choice did we have?

After my short sermon (I asked him to choose between a long sermon or short one and he chose the short one); he finally agreed to do it. We lined up behind the long train of vehicles. While cars moved slowly toward gas station, we passed the Chin Chin Restaurant. There’s a slogan on top of the building that we always laugh about when we read it. It’s “Chin Chin Restaurant, The best Chinese Restaurant in Town.” But we’ve rarely seen many cars there. It’s probably 4-5 max. 3 of them are probably the waiters’ and chefs’ :) It seems the slogan needs adjusting huh?

But the folks at Chin Chin never give up hope. I know they’re really a determined bunch. In order to market their restaurant, one of their tricks is slipping the menu into the doors of prospective customers’ homes. I don’t really like that marketing strategy.

It’s true, sometimes people see things as pain, but others see it as opportunity. There’s always Cin and Cang (Upsss!! sorry!) I mean yin and yang in Life. I really admire Chin Chin. They never give up hope. That’s the way to do business if you want to successful.

I am wondering how many people ordered their food while waiting for gas. So far I saw one. I saw a waiter run speedily toward a car with a delivery order a big grin.

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