Gingham and Mint Skirt

What a wonderful Saturday. I always love spring. Flowers and the trees start coming back to life and blooming again BUT. 2 things I don’t like about spring:

  1. Pollen
    I got bad allergies this year since the pollen level over here in Georgia is quite high. The temperature is already in mid the 80’s at times. I bet the scientists and politicians will revert back to the term “global warming” any day now. Remember not long ago, when the crazy winter struck half of the world? Global warming went out of style. Now it is  “climate change”  instead.
  2. Bird Poop
    Since the weather has started getting hotter, at work I like to park underneath the trees so my car won’t get really hot and humid. Apparently birds love my silver color car. Everytime I get off from work and go to my car I always find out my car is being bombarded by bird poop.  It seems they hate me and decided to leave not just one but as many poops as possible. (I counted 10 the other day).
    Those birds remind me of the sneaky laughing birds in the Windex commercials. Argghh!!

Gingham and Mint Skirt

Despite of the pollen and bird bombardments, overall my life is wonderful. A friend of mind gave me some free frozen yogurt cards. Not just 1 but 4. My hubby and I get one big container, fill half container with his favorites flavor and the other half of mine. And we eat it in turn while walking to our car.

Free yoghurt vs. bird poop, what a contrast!

Outfit Detail:

— Gingham Top (thrifted)
— Forever 21 Mint Skirt
— Turquoise necklace -eBay
— Payless Shoes Source Wedges

Gingham Top

Gingham and Mint Skirt


  1. Annie says:

    Love the gingham with the maxi skirt – so cute! And your photos are gorgeous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. You are too funny. Yeah I live in Louisiana and it is well on its way to summer over here. Our ‘spring’ doesn’t last long!


  3. Love the gingham and skirt – so cute! Following you now :-)

  4. Bonnie says:

    Hi Suzana! Thank you for visiting my blog and the sweet comments. You have such a pretty feminine style! I love this gingham. :)

  5. You look so cute Suzana and I love these pictures in the flowers! How cool is it to meet another Atlanta blogger! Thank you for stopping by my blog and maybe we’ll run into each other again!

  6. Love these photos! I really like the shirt with the maxi skirt, great combo! :)

  7. Cute gingham top, and I love this photo location – so pretty! I agree, the pollen has been killing lately :(

  8. great mix!

  9. I love gingham too! Can I just say you look gorgeous in that first photo standing in all those flowers? It looks like a magazine!


  10. I love Gingham :) I just bought tons of it for my wardrobe this Spring!

  11. Haha, lovely article, great post! I can completely relate to the bird poo scenario, so annoying! I wish I had warm weather where I am but although it’s spring, it’s still quite chilly with an average high of only about 52 F! I love gingham too and I love the colour combination of your outfit, beautiful! Love that maxi skirt! :-) xxx

  12. Cute outfit! :)


  13. Hello Suzana! I too am a big fan of the gingham, and love your shirt!
    I also love the fact that you are now added to the +40 blogroll- I am glad to add you to my over 40 and still fabulous style community! If you know of any other kindred spirits, please send them my way! xo. -Bella Q

  14. the long skirt is super cute:)


  15. beautiful look!

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