Boyfriend Cardigan And Green Scarf

Outfit Details:

– Victoria Secret Sweater/Cardigan: $12
– Old Navy Pants – thrifted: $4.94
– Old Navy Scarf – thrifted : $2.60
– belt – thrifted: $4.94
– Nine West Boots – thrifted: $ 4.94
– D&G Handbag – thrifted: $4.94
– Kohl’s – Candies Bracelet : $5

I got this “Boyfriend Cardigan” from Victoria’s Secret on sale. After all the gift card and coupons deals, I ended up paying $12 for it.  When I received it, it looked more like ”Grandma Cardigan” on me rather than “Boyfriend Cardigan.”  I loved the color but the shape was way too big . I wanted to return it but It cost me $5 for shipping. With all the work I had to do, I didn’t think it was worth returning it.  I was upset and decided to donate it to Goodwill.

I put this grandma cardigan with her other friends in the hallway in the box called “donate.” Every time I passed  the area, the grandma cardigan looked at me, as if begging and asking me to give her another chance.  Several time I refused. I refused to even looked at her.  No. No. No! I said to myself.  It’s too bulky and it would short make you look short if you wear it.

One day I stumbled upon another fashion blogger and got an idea. Of course, it was as simple as a “belt.” I arrived home from work, I dug through the donate pile and pulled the “grandma” out of it. She looked so thrilled.  I tried it on… voila… she actually look cute on me.

Out from donate pile and into in treasure pile she went. I convinced her from this day forward that I will be more creative with her and will put her to many uses in the future. Sorry “grandma” for misjudging you. Glad to give you another chance.

Boyfriend Cardigan And Green Scarf

Look at this bag. isn’t that darling? I’m so glad to get it. I can’t be happier because I only paid $4.94 for it.

Dolce and Gabana Handbag


  1. I really like your writing style. Personifying clothing like that adds another dimension to your posts. It’s like reading a story and waiting in suspense to see what happens at the end :)

  2. beautiful bag!

  3. Cute! You look lovely in this maroon color :)

  4. Patience says:

    Loving this mix of burgundy. Gorgeous.

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