After seeing my own pictures on my blog I think I need to lose 15-20lbs don’t you think? I want to use my blog as my own inspiration to lose weight. I want to lose weight not just for health reasons, but also to help me feel better about myself. When you are the right weight, anything you put on looks good. I want to see myself making progress through my own blog.
I used to be pretty tiny. Before I got married I weighed 100lbs. Marriage is taking a toll to my weight. Blame it on my husband? Nah! Nah! He gained weight as well. We’re both a little chubby.

During Summer last year we bought bicycles and started biking regularly. But now since daylight savings time is gone, we’ve stopped riding for a while because of lack of light in the evenings and sheer cold. One thing I can celebrate though is that I’ve lost 10lbs. For 2012 my target goal is to lose another 15lbs.

If you don’t have money to join Weight Watchers (lose weight like Jennifer Hudson),  Jenny Craig ( like Valerie Bertinelli), Nutrisystem or other weight loss programs ( please don’t try Zantrex diet pills like Snooki Jersey Shore) – There’s another free app you can try. Have you heard the fitness pal app? I downloaded it to my phone and use it as my accountability friend. When you record everything you eat in your journal, it helps you stay disciplined in your diet. I don’t want to torture myself with an excessive diet. I just want to be healthy and look as good my best.

My goal for 2012 is to eat healthier food, exercise regularly, live healthier, lose weight (cliché’), travel more, and enjoy life more. And not worry too much.

Can I maintain all these? Let see.

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