Don’t reject  deals.

Me And My CounterTop Oven Name Sally

I’ve always been so proud of myself if I’m able to save money, even if it’s a small just a small amount.
On the afternoon of Christmas Eve we stopped by a home electronics, computer parts and accessory department store called Fry’s to buy a graphic card for my husband.
I actually just wanted to wait for him in the car but at the last minute I decided to go with him. My shopping spirit is usually absent if I go to store where I know there’s nothing for me there. But when I thought about our current countertop oven, a miracle happened, my shopping spirit rose up within me.  I need a new countertop oven since the one we have started behaving strangley.

On the way to the front door, we saw large sign outside the Dept. Store that read ”we match Internet prices.” Since I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I kind of regret that I didn’t do my homework. I usually read some reviews and find the best price over the Internet before purchasing something in the store.

This is what three stooges always say “spread out boys!” So, we split up, my husband went to the computer section and I went to the home section. After browsing the isle I found several countertop oven brands that looked interesting.  The prices ranged from $90 to over $200.  That’s the good thing about technology nowadays, when you have  smart phone with you, life will be much easier.  A shopping dilemma like this can be solved in a matter of seconds by a touch screen. I Googled any brands I saw and started reading the reviews. It wasn’t surprising that the more well-known the brand, the more expensive the price. A popular brand is not a guarantee of a good product. My last bet went to “Oster 6 Slice Stainless .“ It’s a moderately recognized brand but got a lot of good reviews. I found the price is $10 cheaper at Woohooo!

Fry's PriceOverstock Price

The process was easy and the floor salesman matched the price and $10 savings went to my pocket. How cool is that?

So guys, sometimes it’s good to go the extra mile. Don’t be lazy to look for deals. In fact, don’t buy in a first place unless you really need it.

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