Poor Girl

I love coupons. There’s a certain satisfaction that brings on a proud smile if I can use coupon when I buy something, especially if the coupons come to my door. One time I bought Sunday newspaper for $2 . I heard there are a lot of coupons in the Sunday Paper. After I checked carefully, one by one, I came to the conclusion that some coupons are simply “not for me” and I can’t use them at all. Well, I ended up throwing away my $2 bill without gaining anything. Since then I promised I won’t buy Sunday newspaper again. I decided that I will just wait for coupons come to me/my mail box.

Actually the reason I don’t like the Sunday Newspaper is because most of their coupons are for big projects that you would only occasionally need. Like roofing, tiling, building a deck, upholstering your furniture and etc. You know something that we don’t do or use often. If they have grocery coupons, the coupons are actually for new products or brands that I’ve never heard before. What I need more are coupons for daily necessities.

Recently, I’ve got so many free good coupons on the mail. Some locals and some general like Doves, Victoria Secret and etc. I get some coupons regularly from my 90 year old aunt. I was a little bit sad though because most of the time I end up throwing away coupons. Not because I don’t want to use them but because of the timing.

A few reasons why I throw away coupons:

  1. Expiration date. Some coupons have a short expiration date. For example a week. Because I don’t go to grocery every week, then I have to throw away the expired ones.
  2. Some coupons that I received are coupons for new products or products that I don’t normally use or wear.
  3. Time difference. For example restaurant coupons. Some restaurants coupons are not valid for weekend (Friday,Saturday and Sunday) when we usually go out for dinner.

Coupons mean money to me. I’m sad because while throw away some coupons, I believe there are so many people out there might need that specific coupons.

I have been thinking of giving away coupons that I don’t want and share them with other people who need it. But I don’t know how. I’m still thinking the best way of sharing…Have any idea?


  1. ~Dawn says:

    I would suggest that you check out some of the printable coupons that are online- save yourself money and select only what you need.
    Go to thegrocerygame.com/con__OnlineCoupons.cfm

  2. coupons can be traded or sold at refundsweepers.net

  3. garry says:

    I used it. It helps sometimes.

  4. alicia says:

    Sometimes while shopping, like the cereal aisle, someone has left a coupon on the shelf for a product that they decided not to purchase. Then the next person coming along if they want that item, there is the coupon just sitting there. Thats a nice idea. Also, sometimes by visiting the website of the manufacturer like oil of olay .com they will offer printable coupons.

  5. This is kind of an experiment to see how zealous people are for coupons. I basically want to just give away my coupons to anybody who needs them, if I know ahead of time that I won’t be using them.

    Here’s my idea: I will post all the coupons that I don’t need (including the dates valid). If someone sees the post and she/he needs it, they can email me with their name and address. They just need to pay me for the shipping cost through paypal, etc for $.39. Then I’ll send it to them.

  6. My dad used to laugh at me for using coupons but I save TONS of money!

  7. Katie Ricotta says:

    I tend to agree with you about the coupon thing. I used to trade coupons and save them all the time. But half the time they are only for brand names, and the generic is cheaper. It was also cheaper to buy at Costco. At the beginning of the month there is a really good section in my paper that has proctor and gamble coupons and that saves me on the shampoo I buy etc. But other then that it is better just to buy during sales and generic products. :)

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