Merry Christmas 2011

Outfit Details:

– Express Pink (Cardigan): $4.94
– New York & Co  (Top) : $7.00
– Kohl’s  Necklace : $8.00 (I forgot the price, but I can guarantee below $10 since I’m cheap)
– Gap (Skirt) : $4.94
– Candie’s (Boots) : $4.94

Cardigan, skirt and boots were all purchased at my local Goodwill.

Express Pink Cardigan

It was Christmas eve’s, my husband Emory and I decided to have dinner in historic place called Dahlonega, GA after early Christmas church that day. It’s a really nice little town decorated with lights, wreaths and Christmas trees. It’s so festive. We didn’t realize all stores and restaurants were closing early that day. Didn’t get a chance to eat anything since morning, so we drove back to Atlanta. It’s about an hour drive. But at least we took some good pics there. While everybody was wearing red this Christmas, I wore pink. I love pink so much. Makes me feel so girly.

Black Over Pink Cardigan

The weather started getting cooler and I decided to put on my coat.
A lil bit of cheating here ;) as I didn’t list the price of this coat. It’s a gift from my husband.

This what I like about being frugal. Since you change clothes a lot, it’s okay to buy second-hand. If you don’t like them anymore, donate or give them to someone else. Save your money for investment pieces, like coats, boots, or nice party dress. It’s nice to have a few good quality classic wardrobes that you can wear for many years.

Red Boots

Love these boots. I love the burgundy colored boots. I can’t believe people just give stuff like this away. Well… one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure right?

Last but not least… Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year Everyone!!

Mery Christmas Everyone


  1. Hey Babe, you look great. Merry Christmas!

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