Orange and Green Combo

I was a few inches from throwing this tube dress away. Last summer I wore this Forever 21 green tube to our out west road trip.  It’s nice but it gave a bigger illusion in my shoulder area than I wanted. Not just that, it also squeezed the middle part of my body like a burger. Yet, the color was great.

I would like to say thanks to all the fashion bloggers out there who give me inspiration to follow their foot steps. Old clothes become new again. Improvisation.  I started digging through all of my old clothes and giving them life again.

Orange and Green Combo

I got this orange sweater  online at Victoria’s Secret. I bought it a few years back around the month of July. Yes, you are right! You know you make a good decision when you go against the flow. July is the hottest month of the year; when I saw this jacket I knew I MUST get it. It was 80% off.  When other people get dehydrated just looking at the jacket, that’s the best time for me to buy my winter clothes. It’s not just they are a lot cheaper but also nobody wants to touch it (heheh). This scenario also happens with summer clothes in the winter.

The Leopard pump also bought at Victoria’s Secret. I combined several coupons, using my stingy tactic and I got this pair of shoes only for $12. Pat! pat! pat! on my back. I’m so proud of you Suzana-

The necklace was given to me by my dearest Indian co-worker when she visited India last year. She also gave me saree-like skirt and I can’t wait to wear it.

Am I missing something here? Okay, I got the handbag at goodwill. I like it because it’s different. It looks small in the pic but can accommodate a lot of stuff including plates (heheh). See it’s a multifunction handbag. You can also use it as a place mat.

Outfit Detail:
— Victoria’s Secret Knit Cardigan
— Forever 21 Tube Dress (thrifted)
— Victoria’s Secret Pump
— Handbag (thrifted)
— Necklace (it’s a gift)

Orange and Green Combo

Orange and Green Combo

Orange and Green Combo



  1. Annie says:

    Glad you kept the dress around, because I am LOVING this outfit! The colors look fabulous together, and the leopard shoes are perfect :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Love that bag, it’s so unique and fun! Great thrifted find. You look great, fun colors and really like the shoes :)

  3. So glad you didn’t get rid of it! You look awesome.

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