Yellow Top and Jeans Skirt

This is another simple outfit I like. I like the lines on the skirt. Definitely it helps elongating my height. We took this picture on our family trip to Lake Oconee. For some reason I love water. And here goes my story…

I still don’t understand why I’ve always had dreams about water, especially the ocean. I feel the loneliness, calmness, mysteriousness and anger of the ocean. The dream about water came over and over in my sleep in the past. This is one of my favorite dreams:

I was walking by the ocean. This was not like a regular ocean but more like a big inlet. It was such a peaceful inlet surrounded by green pasture and green short hills. The inlet itself wasn’t that deep, just bellow my knees. Instead of sand, green grass and small colorful flowers comprised the ocean bed.

I remembered on sunny days of spring-like weather, the temperature was warm and I could feel the warmth of the sun touching my skin. I walked through the shallow water to feel the softness of the green grass that touching my feet. Once in a while I reach down to pick some tiny flowers.

I realized how beautiful the scene was and I decided to lie down under the water. I looked up at the clear blue sky and felt the freshness of the water covering me and the warmth of the sunshine penetrated through water and onto my face and body. I fell asleep in this peace and happiness mind.

I will never forget how peaceful that dream was. Every time I see an ocean or lake I am reminded of my dream.

Can anyone interpret the meaning of my dream?

Outfit Detail:

– Charlotte Russe Cardigan (thrifted) : $4.94
– Michael Kors Skirt (thrifted) : $4.94
– Belt (thrifted) : $3
– Amour by Pepe Jimenez Mules (thrifted) : $4.94
– Scarf ??? – forgot where I got it and how much it cost
– Charlotte Russe Top ??? I don’t remember how much I bought this one for either. Arghhh!!  the sign of aging :)

Lake Oconee

Sunset on Lake Oconee

Boat Deck Lake Oconee

Feel So Far Away


  1. Very pretty! You’re wearing my favorite colors :)

  2. Love how you belted the cardigan – so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I love your cute scarf! Great layers!

    See Me Rwar

  4. Yes,the Ocean dream looks so comfy and peacefully… :)

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