Who doesn’t like polkadot designs? I can’t get enough of polkadots. Long story short, my husband and I always tease each other about being a slow biker. We always have an excuse as to why when we’re slow. Here are my top four best excuses we always come up with:

  1. the weather is too hot
  2. I’m hungry
  3. I have low blood sugar
  4. We should pump our tires

Speaking of being slow, the other day we went biking and I tried to pedal my bike but it seemed so difficult. I kept trying but my bike seemed like it was running in place. For a while I had this doubt in my head and thought maybe I was indeed a slow biker. After about 10 minutes of trying to pedal really hard, I finally figured out my back tire was flat. No wonder my bike didn’t move. That’s a totally embarrassing three stooges moment for me.

I wore :
Old Navy Skirt
(thrifted), BDG for Urban Outfitter Polkadot Tank (thrifted), Steinmart Cardigans, Christian Siriano for Payless Shoes


Speaking of the three stooges (have you seen the new movie?), every time I wear polkadot clothing I always think… clown. I don’t know, why my mind always thinks clown whenever we talk about polkadots. I guess because I always see a clown who always wears baggy clothes with a polkadot design in it.


I tried to Google the history of polkadots and clown is no where to be found in that entire history.
A little bit of information: the polka dot design first became common in clothing in the late nineteenth century in the United Kingdom. The “polka” itself is a Central European dance and a genre of dance music.

Please don’t ask me what the connection between polka dance and polkadots are. I guess, when you sing or dance you use this sound  da… da… da… (sounds like dot).



This particular photo reminds me of this case of  Chinese Government Photoshop Disaster (hahahahah) – Even though I didn’t do anything to my photo. I didn’t doctor/Photoshop my pic (except to crop it and adjust the color balance) like those photos of Chinese Government guys.


Ps:  if you see I have a lot of black spots on my legs, that’s because I fall down on  my bike regularly :).


  1. Annie says:

    Love the polka dots, and the red & gray combo looks awesome!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. your polka dot t-shirt is super sweet:)


  3. Yeah, you didn’t mention that you had 3 flat tires in less than one week. That’s one for each of the 3 stooges: Larry, Curly, and Mo. Great movie btw.

  4. Hmmm… I have always wondered about where the polkadot came from… I would have imagined that clowns started it too! haha
    You look fabulous

  5. You look gorgeous! I love the red polkas.


  6. Gorgeous! Red is your colour! Everything from the polka dots, to the cardigan, necklace and skirt, it’s sooo pretty! Suits you, you look amazing! xxx


  7. Ha! I laughed when you refferenced that publicity picture, that was quite the photoshop disaster! (Yours looks about a million times better and you aren’t floating about the road. ^_^) I love polka dots, I think it is so cool that you researched the history of them. (And yes, I was worried polka music would be in there somewhere.) The red polka dots feel different, a fun turn from the normal black one and that skirt is SO cute, you must have looked adorable riding in this!

  8. Love your polka dot singlet! I really like the red against the grey :)


  9. Cute outfit! And yes, I think everyone loves polka dots – they’re so cute :)

    I have totally done that on a bike before… didn’t notice it was flat until I was trying to pedal. So silly ;D

  10. Beautiful look!

    xoxo;) Lili

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