Shift Dress

Yellow Handbag

Shift Dress

Shift Dress

Shift Dress

Shift Dress

I rarely post my everyday office outfits. The reason is because I don’t want to remind myself about work.
But this time is different. I want to show you how one simple shift dress can be worn in many different situations (office mode and relax mode). I will post the same dress in party mode in the future.

I wore

Forever 21 Shift Dress, Ann Taylor Jacket (Thanks to Thank You Network), Yellow Handbag (eBay), Brown Leather Handbag (thrifted), Collin Stuart Pumps, Payless Shoes flats,

back to the fashion history …

I heard a lot of new fashion terms that I have never heard before. Maybe because I’m not too heavy into fashion that’s why I have no idea that each wardrobe style has its own unique name or term. Since I started blogging and have a fashion section in my blog, I am learning new fashion terms everyday.

I read fashion magazines and other fashion bloggers regularly. Here and there I stumble upon new fashion terms that I’ve never heard before. I do believe that if you want to talk or write about a subject you need to learn about it. In that way you can stay accurate in the matter.

This time I want to talk about shift dress. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary shift means “to exchange for/replace by another, to change the place, position or direction (move).
This dress is a 2 piece item (bodice/top and skirt) sewn together to give an effect one-piece item.

Shift Dress, is a dress with no waistline seam. It’s a clean line from top to the bottom following the shape or your body. Shift dress can be loose or fitted.
Of course now everything similar to shift dress no matter has waistline/ hipline seam (like the dress I wore above), are all called shift dress.

New fashion terms are introduced by fashion designers from time to time. Some terms survive and some end up gone with the wind.
Besides all the new born fashion terms, original terms such as gown, shirt/skirt, frock, and coat have survived through history. They are all attested back to the early medieval period.


  1. That yellow and black is a great color combination for you.

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