by Suzana Rowland

On winter last year my husband bought me 2 pots of violets and they were such a lovely violets.
I named them “Daisy Duke and Simmone” as I love to give a name for each of my plants . Like a mother, I took care of them with TLC- tender loving care-. Unfortunately Simmone wasn’t strong enough to pass the chilly winter time. I had to rest her in peace 3 months after that. But Daisy is a active strong and healthy young lady. She has a wonderful shiny green color on her leaves and stays trim and healthy. I water her regularly and never let her skin dry, as moisturizer is important for any natures.

Time goes by and now Daisy is one year old; her second birthday is right on the door. I’m a frugal person and I have an “experiment disorder,” meaning I am obsessed about making my own experiments. Taking risks thrills me. Back in my country where the land is fertile, when we throw any seeds away in the dirt, they just grow naturally. So I came up with an idea, instead of buying a pot of violet for $6.00, why not just grow them myself (aha!!!!…….. ). I had a daydream that my husband would so proud of me when I finally succeeded to regrow many violets from one small leaf. Based on the idea I cut 3 healthy leaves from Daisy last summer and put them in 3 small containers full of water and waited until their roots grew, then repotted them in healthy “potting soil” that we bought at Lowes.
I used recycled containers from Tom Yum soup that we always buy at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, called “Canton Cooks ” . Daisy herself was okay when I cut her hair. I named the 3 leaves I cut “Destiny’s Child” and each leaf was named Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly and put 3 of them in a small pot by the bedroom window.

I talk to them almost everyday, say hello each morning, move them from the window when it’s too hot, water them regularly and put them in our VIP place “our romantic bedroom.” One month, 2 months, 3 months passed by and they are still single leaves. I just don’t understand why they still have a single leaf. I questioned myself… are there modern girls who choose career over having a baby? I wrote an email to my friend and she said probably my violets were male….. huahahahah… oh yeah Babe! Maybe! …… I don’t know what to do with them, after 3 months I gave up. Before I rest them in peace maybe there’s someone out there who can help me with some ideas or provide some input to inform me what’s wrong with them, or tell me what I’m doing wrong. Do you have experience in growing violets from the scratch? I would be very happy if there’s anyone can share your observations with me.


  1. Very sorry to hear about Simmone. Maybe your hubby will buy you a new violet.

  2. alicia thompson says:

    oh, poor little violets. sounds like you did everything correct, plus even more. they are sure missing out on not multiplying, they would have been the best cared for violets out there. loved reading your story. canton cooks-yummy.

  3. Wait!!!! Don’t thrown them out….I had an old unused aquarium with the hood and lights. I put grow light bulbs in there, from the pet/fish section of walmart…those little leaves planted in the soil grew baby violets! I dipped my sliced leaves in growth hormone (from Walmart plant section) prior to placing them in the soil. In an aquarium the moisure in retains better. Try it!

  4. Hi Becky,

    Thanks for the great idea. I’ll try it.

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