Floral Top and Jean Skirt

I found this flowery top on my thrifty shopping adventure last month. I just love the motif but it’s one size bigger than my size. I decided to get it and planned to reconstruct it as best I could.  I honestly don’t have very good sewing skills, the only thing I have is bravery and a passion for experimentation.
My secret is putting the top/shirt or skirt that fits me perfectly on top of the shirt/shirt or skirt I want to construct. Then draw a line or pin it along the line and sew it. The result? It’s not bad for an amateur seamstress like me.

I wore:
Jones New York Top (thrifted), Isaac Mizrahi Skirt (thrifted), Moda for DSW shoes


Floral Top and Jean Skirt

Floral Top

These photos were taken at newly built apartment complex we found accidentally when we returned from our journey looking for my husband’s ergonomic chair and pillows at Relax The Back. We thought this area would be a nice background for taking pictures. Nobody was there except a leasing trailer and one car parked in front of it.  While we snapped some photos, a few cars came in and parked in front of the leasing trailer.

Right when we finished taking our pictures and were walking toward our car, 2 girls came out  from one of the cars. One girl held a camera and the other wore a nice dress complete with with make up. I told my husband that judging by their style and look, I had a strong feeling they are a fashion bloggers too.” I actually insisted they were a fashion bloggers. Apparently they were waiting for us to finish. We exchanged smiles at each other but it’s too bad, I didn’t ask their web address.  It’s a small world! I’m glad we didn’t fight over that prize photography spot :)

Have you had an experience meeting another blogger taking pictures in the same spots as yours?

Color Block Shoes and Floral Top

Floral Top and Jeans Skirt


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, love that top, the floral print and colours are perfect! Perfect accessories too, the bracelet is a great match for the top and I love your shoes! You look lovely! xxx


  2. Annie says:

    Such a fun blouse – and LOVE those shoes!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Mo says:

    You look great as always. That’s quite a magical area for photos and it’s so funny seeing another fashion blogger there.

  4. I am impressed with your tailoring skills. So funny about running into another blogger, my bf (photographer) won’t let me take pictures out side the confines of our backyard, so I haven’t had an experience like that yet

  5. you look very pretty in that floral top, and the shoes are lovely. Thrifting is wonderful…especially when you can create pretty outfits out of a small budget. You are doing a great job in this fabulous blog of yours, we have lots in common too. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  6. Cute! Love the flowy top, great thrift find… and those heels are beautiful! How funny that you ran into some other fashion bloggers :D

  7. Lovely! Nice top!


  8. I’ve never had that experience, but my husband always says one say we’re going to be taking pictures and somebody is going to “recognize” me from my blog. I HIGHLY doubt that haha!

    Great skirt and AWESOME photos by the way :)

  9. Cute top! Love the print@

  10. Love that top, great print! I take most of my photos in my back yard so I’ve never seen another blogger there. I’d be worried if I did! haha!


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