Tube Dress Day Time

This summer tube dress makes me feel like I’m working in the medical industry. The more I see it, the more I think this outfit looks like an outfit a doctor might wear. Maybe the white blazer gives the doctor-like impression. I just need a stethescope to complete my disguise. Wish I could find a stethescope at Goodwill (hehe).

The dress itself is actually a tube beach dress. I bought it a few years ago but it’s too long for me. After I tortured the dress by washing it and putting it in the dryer 5 times, I finally got the length I wanted. Poor Dress! She’s tough like the owner :)

I just love the bold color of this dress and thought I could modify it a little bit for a cool (almost hot actually) spring weather  look. So I can show off my lil legs and my lil sandals. When the temperature drops at night, the dress can easily pulled down to cover my legs.

I just wrap a belt around my hip and pull the dress to the top to shape the dress like a peplum dress. I hope she forgive me for what I have done to her in the past.

Outfit Detail:

— Charlotte Russe Blazer (thrifted)
— Mosimo Cardigans (thrifted)
— Chadwick’s Tube Dress
— Sandals (thrifted)

Tube Dress For Night

Tube Dress and White Blazer

Tube Dress and White Blazer


  1. Bonnie @ minimestyle says:

    I think it’s absolutely adorable and I never would have made the doctor connection. ;)

  2. Annie says:

    I love the dress – both long & short! So pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. great day&night looks:)


  4. Love the different ways you can wear that dress! :)

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Beautiful blue/white and blue/yellow looks! Love both outfits! I love that you wear so much colour! :-) xxx

  6. That’s cool! I’ve never seen anything like that. I think I like it best down like a maxi dress with the yellow – so cute :)

  7. I love the versatility of this! I didn’t even realize you modified it ’til I read the description. ;-)

    For dancing, the studio I teach at is in Roswell and the students perform at a local high school. As for the dance company I dance in, we usually perform at 7 Stages Theater in L5P. ;-)

  8. I love how you changed the look and shape of your dress, it looks competely different! (How clever, I will have to try something like that!) It is such a pretty dress and that blue looks amazing on you.

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