Neon and White

This outfit brings back a memory about my hubby. Once upon a time, My hub got an almost free yellow T-shirt from Cheerio’s box (he ordered it for $4.00). The shirt had a black Cheerios logo printed on the front . He just loved the shirt to death because it was yellow and CHEAP.

When we were dating he showed me his pictures from his yearly  family vacations. Each year I always spotted him wearing the yellow Cheerio’s  shirt. Everybody in the family made fun of him (passive aggressively) because he wore that shirt 100 times and as a matter of fact the color was too loud on him. Imagine  wearing bright yellow in the hottest summer month at the beach.

When we first got married the first thing my sister and brother in law asked me was whether or not I threw away his yellow Cheerios shirt? I regret I did, because the bright color is so 2012. Forgive me Babe, If I hadn’t of thrown it away, we could be matchy-matchy now :(

Outfit Detail:

Old Navy Top (thrifted)
Skirt (old and bought at Ross Store)
Victoria’s Secret Jacket (old)
Payless Shoe Source Wedges


Yellow Top and White Skirt

Neon and White

Yellow and Green


  1. Annie says:

    That necklace is gorgeous, and I love it with the yellow tank – so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Bonnie @ minimestyle says:

    What a great story … my Mr. has a Corona t-shirt that I’d like to dispose of. ;) Such a pretty look and I love that airy skirt!

  3. looove the wedges!


  4. forgot to tell you that I answered your question on my blog! thank you for your sweet comment! have a nice week:)


  5. Love your yellow tee! :)

  6. Cute wedges! And that is too funny about the Cheerio’s shirt. My fiance has a few shirts that I hate and he wears all the time; I’m always looking for ways to hide them or throw them out.

  7. You look too cute – and what a funny story about the Cheerios shirt. I probably would’ve thrown it away, too!

  8. cute!

  9. Husbands are so funny about the clothes they wear, my hubs still has a shirt from ten years ago that he got from a popular local bar and it STILL hasn’t worn out. (Or shrunk, despite my best attempts.)
    This is such a cute, carefree outfit, I love a floaty skirt and Im a big fan of bright colors! (Your necklace is beautiful!)

  10. Such a pretty outfit! Love that yellow top worn with the turquoise necklace, great colour combo! Love the wedges too! Such a gorgeous spring/summer look! xxx

  11. You look so pretty in yellow, this yellow is such a bright color- I’m trying to look for a dress in the same color! Love the entire outfit, you look great!!!!

  12. Christa says:

    Very cute outfit! I love the skirt & the hoodie is cute with it. Love the Cheerios t-shirt story!! Ha ha, I remember that shirt!

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