Navy Trench

Navy Trench

Navy Trench

Navy Trench
Have you ever been in the situation where you don’t want to do anything? It seems like things become routine and you start getting bored? Well I think I’m in the situation now.  I’m just lazy to do anything from taking pictures and blogging.

I have a really bad mood swing tendency.  It can be pretty high than soon after that it will be really low.  When my mood is at its high, all my creativity and energy flows like water, fast and never ending.  My husband usually leverages my high momentum by giving me a lot of projects. I can accomplish things so quick like the bionic woman.  But when that mood runs out, ask me to do anything, I can’t do it.  My creativity and ideas are just gone. I switch into a lazy girl.

I admire fashion bloggers who can take pictures everyday and post almost everyday too. phew!! I don’t think I can do it.  It seems simple but it’s hard work.

How about you guys, are you getting bored with routine easily?

I wore:

Isaac Mizrahi Trench (thrifted), Alloy Dress, Payless Shoes “Pumps”, Forever 21 Clutch


  1. Bonnie @ minimestyle says:

    I completely understand you – I’m super moody, too – I either am gung ho and can’t sleep for days, or feel burned out and want to lay around the house in my pj’s. Hang in there! Adorable trench and I love the clutch and shoes. :)

  2. “My husband usually leverages my high momentum by giving me a lot of projects.”

    What? I didn’t realize you understood that trick. Hmm…

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