Fashion By The River

Outfit Details:

– Merona Top – thrifted: $4.94
– Banana Republic Long Sleeves – thrifted:$4.94 (GWS)
– Forever 21 Capri- thrifted: $4.94
– Rudolf Dassler by Puma Boots – thrifted: $4.94
– Old Navy Sweater: $15
– Necklace (gift from my sister in-law)
– Candies (bangles) : $10 (for both)

There’s a river not far away from our house and a creek leading in called Sope Creek. Located in by a certain area of the creek is the ruins of an old paper mill. It was run by Marietta Paper Mills, incorporated on December 19, 1859.

This mill used to supply paper for Confederate government during Civil War but later was burnt by Union soldiers under the command of General Gerrard.  I will post some pictures of the ruins in the future. I’m definitely headed back that way as it’s a very neat site to explore.

That day, we just wanted to hike and walk by the river but as an amateur model :) I always see things as an opportunity for taking pics. I took my boots and camera of course. The picture didn’t tell the real story of my struggle to reach the rocks, especially with the boots which ran bigger than my itty bitty feet.  I jumped around like a rabbit while my husband was screaming at me to be careful.

This outfit again is about layering (which I love so much). The top was actually sleeveless over a long sleeved top. With Summer Capri/cargo and snap a sweater to complete the look. It’s a cheap way to create  a hip hop look (even though this is arguably the most un-urban environment imagineable).

Looking for Fish

Fashion By The River
Fashion On The Creek

Summer over Grafitti

Outfit Details:

– Old Navy Crop Sleeves Jacket – thrifted: $4.94
– Ross Store- Polka dot Tube Dress:  $12.00
– DSW Boots: $15.00
– Forever 21 Bangles: $3.00
– New York & Co (Necklace): $13.00

The outfit I was wearing here is actually a summer tube dress. I love wearing my summer dress in the winter. I love to add motifs to my outfit instead of wearing boring heavy, dark winter clothes.  As long as you layer it inside, you are good to go. The thing I love about the jacket here is the collar. It can be put down or up. When the weather gets colder, just pull it up to keep warm.

The day after New Year’s day, we visited “Little Five Points” in midtown Atlanta. The atmosphere was so refreshing over there. Of course half of the stores were closed. There’s a vintage flare surrounding the area. We just wanted to hang out there for a while and watch movie afterwards (Gosh! glad I didn’t have to go to work that day).

I was so ecstatic to see all the graffiti everywhere. I told my husband (my faithful cameraman) that we needed to capture this stuff. Don’t you think graffiti in the right place can be used as a form to express your creativity in responsible way? What I don’t like is when people vandalize public property. I see that as an irresponsible act.

Below, I posted a little gallery of what we saw. We are planning to hunt for some new graffiti around town. Graffiti art can make for some nice backgrounds, don’t you think?

Polkadots and Grafitti

Polkadots and Grafitti


Grafiti Gallery

Blue Prada Handbag

I just want to show off my blue Prada handbag. I don’t know if it’s fake or not. By looking at the quality it looks real. I bought this handbag on eBay for $15 ya’ll. I just love this handbag. I had been looking for for a baby blue handbag for quite sometime. Finally, my dream came true.
Check out my article for tips bidding on eBay.

Blue Prada And Loft Jeans

Outfit Details:

– Charlie & Robin Sweater – thrifted: $4.94
– Ann Taylor Sabrina Jeans – thrifted : $4.94
– Joan & David Boots- thrifted : $4.94
– Prada Handbag : $15
– Black cardigan (old and I forgot when, where and how much I bought it for)

We took this photo before we went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo after Christmas. Love that movie, even though it has a slightly different ending than the Swedish version.

Back to my outfit, I like this Chinese inspired sweater. I wore my old black cardigan inside the sweater. There’s a hole in the back of the cardigan but no one sees it. I am just too stingy to throw it away because it’s so soft and warm. That’s a really neat advantage of layering, right?

I think these are the right pants for my body type right? Boot cut! They elongate my legs and balance my thighs. Don’t forget to wear high heels with it. It won’t look right if you wear flat shoes. It makes my legs even shorter and more slouchy? “Slouchy Legs” (have you heard that term before? hehe…)

Bonus Pic. :  Just want to say… look I’m a happy girl and I’m free!

Blue Sweater




Outfit Detail

– Kohls (Poncho) : $17
– Old Navy (Sweater) : $10
– Ann Taylor (Jeans) : $4.94 (g.will)
– Kohls Belt :  Forgot the price
– Hat : Forgot where and how much did I bought it

note: g.will (Goodwill Store)

Want to dress up like Jennifer Lopez but your budget is tight? No biggie… there’s another way to skin the cat. Here’s my simple way to add a little edge to your blah poncho. To avoid the mountain woman look, add a belt and ditch the sombrero for a simple hat.


Blue Corduroy

Outfit Details:

– Old Navy  (Cardigan): $4.94
– Kikomo  (Jumper): $4.94
– Evan Picone  (Shoes): $4.94
– Forever21  (Tight) :$3.99

Both  jumper and shoes were bought at my local Goodwill store.

This outfit reminds me of my very favorite childhood television series called “Little House On The Prairie.”  I love the character of  Laura Engalls, the way she dressed up, the countryside where she lived, the house and the horse and buggy she rode in. I’m the youngest in my family and I used to play alone (since my sisters didn’t want to play with me), using our bunk bed as my horse and buggy, I pretended to be Laura. My sister and I also made night hats like Laura’s and wore it when we slept. Of course the next morning the hats were nowhere to be found since they came off our heads during the night.

Black Shoes

Little House On The Prairie

Photo by Gene Trindl – © 1978 Gene Trindl – Image courtesy