Summer Over Winter

Outfit Details:

Planet Gold Skirt – thrifted: $4.94
Aldo Chelini Shoes – thrifted: $4.94
Kohl’s Personalize Necklace: $5
Forever 21 Top: $12
Victoria Secret Long Sleeves : $10
Scarf (forgot the price)

Don’t just stick to heavy and dark colored outfits in the winter. Make you winter outfit fun by mixing and matching with your summer outfit. That way it will seem like you have tons of clothes.

Back to my country origin, Indonesia. We only have 2 seasons there, dry and rainy. We wear summer outfits all year long. There are no rules in fashion, right?  As long as it fits the purpose, go for it.

Here’s an example. I throw a sleeveless top over a basic long-sleeve to add some color and motif. I wore a comfy, easy breezy summer skirt to create a bohemian chic winter. When the weather gets colder, snap on your heavy jacket.

The weather is so bizarre lately, right? Here in Atlanta in the middle of January the temperature was warmer than the usual winters. No need for tights.

Outwest Outfit

My husband is always acting like he is an expert photographer. He always ask me to do this and that, but later it turns out he focused in the wrong object and got the picture wrong :(  Sometimes he focuses on the rock instead of me, or the tree instead of me. Here, he asked me to climb up a little on the tree as if the tree were hugging me. The result? I almost got stuck by a branch.

Oops, forgot to pull in my tummy in second picture. Hmm… still working on it. I want to lose my tummy naturally so I don’t have to pull it in ;)

Summer Over Winter Outfit

Sparkly Scarf

Summer over Grafitti

Outfit Details:

– Old Navy Crop Sleeves Jacket – thrifted: $4.94
– Ross Store- Polka dot Tube Dress:  $12.00
– DSW Boots: $15.00
– Forever 21 Bangles: $3.00
– New York & Co (Necklace): $13.00

The outfit I was wearing here is actually a summer tube dress. I love wearing my summer dress in the winter. I love to add motifs to my outfit instead of wearing boring heavy, dark winter clothes.  As long as you layer it inside, you are good to go. The thing I love about the jacket here is the collar. It can be put down or up. When the weather gets colder, just pull it up to keep warm.

The day after New Year’s day, we visited “Little Five Points” in midtown Atlanta. The atmosphere was so refreshing over there. Of course half of the stores were closed. There’s a vintage flare surrounding the area. We just wanted to hang out there for a while and watch movie afterwards (Gosh! glad I didn’t have to go to work that day).

I was so ecstatic to see all the graffiti everywhere. I told my husband (my faithful cameraman) that we needed to capture this stuff. Don’t you think graffiti in the right place can be used as a form to express your creativity in responsible way? What I don’t like is when people vandalize public property. I see that as an irresponsible act.

Below, I posted a little gallery of what we saw. We are planning to hunt for some new graffiti around town. Graffiti art can make for some nice backgrounds, don’t you think?

Polkadots and Grafitti

Polkadots and Grafitti


Grafiti Gallery