Sixty's Style
I used to love to make fun of the styles from the 1960’s and 1970’s. You know the style with wide bell bottomed pants, big shrit collars, long hair for guys and girls, etc., the hippie look. I don’t mind if women wear wide bell bottoms but for guys? (pleaaase! I hope the style never comes back for men). I just can’t imagine seeing guys wearing Elvis Presley’s bell bottom pants, long hair with huge glasses everywhere on the street (please take a few moments, be silent and imagine it) .

Vice versa, the other day my husband and I went to our local GAP store and I saw men’s summer styles full of bright color tops and jeans. Skinny jeans and preppy looks. All style for skinny guys. My husband said

“No way I will wear skinny jeans”

(hehe it’s hard for me to imagine my husband wearing skinny jeans. It can be a nightmare for me)

Isn’t that funny how style and fashion repeats itself. Like other things in life, history, government, everything in this world seems to repeating itself.

The 2012 style is about color and I want to be part of it. I don’t want to miss the train. But like most women/bloggers out there who can wear skinny jeans, not so much with me. I just can’t find myself look right in skinny jeans. But I never give up hope in clothing department.  With my strong desire to wear colored jeans, I opted instead for wide leg ones.

Sixty's Style

Now I feel like I’ve gone through a time tunnel, back to the sixty’s revolutionary days. I am part of the hippie movement . Arghh!!  I forgot  to wear a headscarf and “bug-eyed” glasses.

I think I’m loving this style. You know, sometimes inside me, I always want to have freedom &  feel rebellious (in a nice way of course). Sometimes I want to dress like a hippie, sometimes gypsy. Whichever is more comfortable.

Outfit Detail:

— Victoria’s Secret Top (thrifted)
— Old Navy Wide Leg Colored Jean
— Handbag (thrifted)
— DSW Wedges

Sixty's Style

Sixty's Style