Go Green

Outfit Detail:

Missoni (Top) via Target: $7
Mosimo (Cardigan) via Target: $15
Charlotte Russe (Skirt) – (thrifted): $4.94
Diba (Sandals) – (thrifted): $ 4.94

Everything is going green nowadays. You see green labels in a lot of products. Beware, not all products that have green labels in them are actually real green products. The sellers know the labels can be a selling point.

Today I am posting about going green (notice even the wall behind me is green). I love green; the color reminds me of the trees and nature surrounding us.

The wall is green but I wish I could do a bit better with the outfit though. I am supposed to wear  an outfit with a contrasting color opposite the wall background.

During one winter afternoon, we walked around and saw this background. It’s actually the outside wall of a natural foods market. It’s not bad for a background huh?

I got this Missoni top really cheap ($7) at Target. It seemed like it was meant to be. You know like finding the perfect husband (the one who was designed for you, just for you, the prince who comes in the right time after you’ve been waiting). This top just waited for me, smiling and winking at me while I passed the aisle. This was the last Missoni top left on sale rack. You know people get crazy over Missoni at Target last year. They were willing to wait in line for hours. Cuuuarazzzy. I’m not that crazy for busy patterns, but with a cute top all alone and smiling innocently at me, it’s hard to ignore it. Love in the first sight.

Go Green

This is my Kung Fu Panda style. When I was young I always wanted to be Jackie Chan. I dreamt that I wouldn’t afraid walking on the streets because I could Kung Fu anybody who dared bother me.

Kungfu Panda

Go Green