Fashion By The River

Outfit Details:

– Merona Top – thrifted: $4.94
– Banana Republic Long Sleeves – thrifted:$4.94 (GWS)
– Forever 21 Capri- thrifted: $4.94
– Rudolf Dassler by Puma Boots – thrifted: $4.94
– Old Navy Sweater: $15
– Necklace (gift from my sister in-law)
– Candies (bangles) : $10 (for both)

There’s a river not far away from our house and a creek leading in called Sope Creek. Located in by a certain area of the creek is the ruins of an old paper mill. It was run by Marietta Paper Mills, incorporated on December 19, 1859.

This mill used to supply paper for Confederate government during Civil War but later was burnt by Union soldiers under the command of General Gerrard.  I will post some pictures of the ruins in the future. I’m definitely headed back that way as it’s a very neat site to explore.

That day, we just wanted to hike and walk by the river but as an amateur model :) I always see things as an opportunity for taking pics. I took my boots and camera of course. The picture didn’t tell the real story of my struggle to reach the rocks, especially with the boots which ran bigger than my itty bitty feet.  I jumped around like a rabbit while my husband was screaming at me to be careful.

This outfit again is about layering (which I love so much). The top was actually sleeveless over a long sleeved top. With Summer Capri/cargo and snap a sweater to complete the look. It’s a cheap way to create  a hip hop look (even though this is arguably the most un-urban environment imagineable).

Looking for Fish

Fashion By The River
Fashion On The Creek

Summer Over Winter

Outfit Details:

Planet Gold Skirt – thrifted: $4.94
Aldo Chelini Shoes – thrifted: $4.94
Kohl’s Personalize Necklace: $5
Forever 21 Top: $12
Victoria Secret Long Sleeves : $10
Scarf (forgot the price)

Don’t just stick to heavy and dark colored outfits in the winter. Make you winter outfit fun by mixing and matching with your summer outfit. That way it will seem like you have tons of clothes.

Back to my country origin, Indonesia. We only have 2 seasons there, dry and rainy. We wear summer outfits all year long. There are no rules in fashion, right?  As long as it fits the purpose, go for it.

Here’s an example. I throw a sleeveless top over a basic long-sleeve to add some color and motif. I wore a comfy, easy breezy summer skirt to create a bohemian chic winter. When the weather gets colder, snap on your heavy jacket.

The weather is so bizarre lately, right? Here in Atlanta in the middle of January the temperature was warmer than the usual winters. No need for tights.

Outwest Outfit

My husband is always acting like he is an expert photographer. He always ask me to do this and that, but later it turns out he focused in the wrong object and got the picture wrong :(  Sometimes he focuses on the rock instead of me, or the tree instead of me. Here, he asked me to climb up a little on the tree as if the tree were hugging me. The result? I almost got stuck by a branch.

Oops, forgot to pull in my tummy in second picture. Hmm… still working on it. I want to lose my tummy naturally so I don’t have to pull it in ;)

Summer Over Winter Outfit

Sparkly Scarf