Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket

Studded Purse

Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket vs Harley Davidson

I got this faux leather jacket from my thrift shop. The jacket feels like soft leather and so stylish. Who cares if its genuine leather or faux leather.

By the way what is faux leather anyway?   The origin of word faux is French. It means imitation.

Genuine leather can be really expensive and high maintenance. As an alternative to that, Faux Leather was born. As you know Genuine Leather is made of animal skin (it seems the use of real animal skins are less and less nowadays because of animal rights proponents). On the other hand, Faux leather or synthetic leather is made of plastic. It’s processed in a significant way to look and feel like genuine leather. There are 2 kinds of synthetic leather:

  • Polyurethane
  • PVC

Polyurethane is washable; it can be dry-cleaned. But PVC is difficult to clean and cannot be dry-cleaned because the cleaning solvents can make the PVC unbearably stiff.

Aha! Now I know the reason why?

I’m not even sure whether the jacket I got was made of Polyurethane or PVC.
Poor husband, I asked him to swing by the dry cleaners to clean the faux leather jacket and the other jackets I got. The dry clean lady boldly said to him “This is not leather” and pushed the jacket back to him.

Okay…but I still need to clean it right, especially in the inside.
I decided to wash my new soft leather jacket in the washing machine with cold water, gentle cycle. I wouldn’t have worried too much if the jacket had been torn apart or wrinkled, whatever the result was, since I only bought for $5.

I guess my new faux leather jacket is made of Polyurethane. Because I could wash it. It came out nice and clean. I put a little bit shoe polish on it and it looked new again. Not bad for 5 bucks.

Ps: My husband is obsessed with Harley Davidsons. He wants to own one one day as part of his midlife crisis :)
When we saw a couple stop in front of the store and park their Harley (isn’t that a coincidence with the fact the theme of my outfit is leather and studs), he asked me to pose in front of that Harley.

 I Wore:

Leather Jacket (thrifted), Old Navy Top, Skirt (thrifted), Handbag (thrifted), Collin Stuarts Pumps