Sonya Inside the BirdhouseOnce upon a time, when I was cleaning our deck, I saw a small gray head pop up out of my birdhouse door. It wasn’t clear, what it was. My heart pumped harder, tic! tac… tic tac…beating 100 times faster. My face was pale, hands were cold, and sweat started appearing all over my body. I don’t remember if my hair was standing up (ooh please! it wasn’t that dramatic, don’t exaggerate too much).

Did I see a snake? I was totally freaked out, decided to leave my broom and my garden tools on my deck. There was a strong battle between fear and curiosity within me. Guarded with a little technique of sword fencing and Jacky Chan Kung Fu style, I took a long pole and stuck it out reaching toward my birdhouse door, but the head has suddenly gone inside my birdhouse. I waited for a few minutes to see if the head popped up again. And it did.

This time, together with a long prayer in my heart, I braved myself to get a closer look at my birdhouse. The head stood still, no movement. I still couldn’t figure out what it was, either snake or frog. I turned my brain. I got the idea to take bug spray and shoot the gray head crazy from far a way distance.

A small frog jumped up, licking her lips, wanting to know the taste of bug spray. She came out from my birdhouse, scratching her body.

Later, I realized I should not hurt her, I felt like a cruel girl. For a few days I couldn’t sleep because I was feeling guilty. I hoped she’d come back one day and we would mend our relationship.

Then, one sunny afternoon, when I looked out of our window toward the deck, I saw a small gray head pop up in my birdhouse. I was so happy and ran outside and got closer to my birdhouse. Hurray, she’s back! I was so happy. I decided to name my new friend “Sonya.” Now she’s a part of my garden, she’s my pet. My husband and I love her so much. One a sunny day, she likes sun bathing to tan her skin. In the summer time, she always accompanies me while I relax outside or clean our deck.

I haven’t see her lately. I tried to call her name everyday but she never comes out. I hope she won’t die freezing inside the birdhouse because of the cold weather that is coming.


  1. I love the story of Sonya and hope she continues to make her home on your deck!

  2. alicia thompson says:

    What a darling story, how sweet. I’m so glad little froggie is okay, and she wasn’t affected by the bug spray. Sounds like she likes her birdhouse, she probably feels all warm and cozy in there. What a darling little picture too, her cute little head peering out.. adorable.

  3. James Pressel says:

    Suzana what a wonderful story,you should think about writing more stories and try to publish them in magazines or books,we both know what friendship means don’t we?Also what a great site you have,i enjoyed looking all over it,keep up the good work,From your Dad.

  4. Stella judith says:

    All stories that have been posted in this website are very usefully for our life. How to love the nature, how to love friendship, and so many tips n trick about woman’s life.

    Great aunt… I am proud of you !!!

    Your lovely niece,

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