Pink Polkadots Valentine

Outfit Detail:

– Gap Cardigan – thrifted: $4.94
– Isabela D Skirt – thrifted: $4.94
– No Brand Top – thrifted: $4.94
– Payless Shoes:$ 19.00
– Scarf (forgot the price and where did I buy it)

Last year we visited Sedona on our out-west road trip. We took this off-road tour which is run by “Pink Jeep Tours.” The first think that caught our eyes when we entered Sedona, other than the red rock was a “pink jeep” in the center of downtown. It was a laughable color for a jeep but a neat trick. People are curious and pay attention to bizarre things, right. So did we. We ended up taking one of the tours just because we were curious to know the reason behind the pink jeep. The guy behind the pink jeep idea was such a smart man. The pink jeep is no more than brilliant and clever marketing campaign.

Pink Jeep Tour Sedona

Nuff said, there’s a little correlation between “Pink Jeep” and my “Pepto-Bismol Outfit.” In one of my thrifty shopping sprees with my friend, I spotted this polka-dotted top, I didn’t know if it was a children’s top or not. Judging by its color and motif, it probably was. I suggested to my friend that the top would look good on her. But she quickly answered that she would look like Pepto-Bismol wearing it. I thought 5 times before I decided to get it. Why not? Sometimes a tacky outfit can turn into the best one right?

I wore this outfit the other day for a lunch date with my husband and we stopped at our post office to check our mail box. Guess what?! The post office is not a bad place for taking pictures. I love the mail boxes as a background. Valentines and Post Office? I know there’s no connection.

My husband had this silly idea. He asked me to hold a Pepto-Bismol bottle as part of my photo. I boldly say “NO.” I want to focus more to my outfit than on Pepto-Bismol.

Pink Polkadot Valentine

Pink Polkadots

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