Lonely BirdWhat is your first impression when you hear the word, “little.” According to Merriam-Webster Online dictionary “little” means not big, small in size. That’s true, little means small, but let’s sit for a while and think about our world. Now we realize everything under heaven comes from small things first.

Look at all big trees in the forest, they all came from small seeds first. Human life begins from the very small thing that God sows in a mother’s womb. Rivers are created from water flowing from small streams and go to the huge ocean. A butterfly comes from the small caterpillar. And surely, there are many other examples of how small things are important to this complex universe.

I love the word of little. In a positive sense, it can denote humility. One of my favorite phrases is “To be the biggest, you have to be the smallest. To be the master you have to be the slave.” It means that through acts of service, you become great by helping others.

For those who feel small in their life, lift up your head. A great method of success is always to begin small and build into bigger things. To be the biggest in your life, you have to learn to be the smallest first, so you know how to appreciate everything you have in your life. Every step, every move and every effort that you make in your life makes you stronger until you finally get your reward, your success.

It’s important that you cling onto your hopes and dreams. Never give up hope. Hang it high in the sky and lift your head up and keep going on and one day you will arrive at the top and you will shout and raise your hand to look back and remember how wonderful the journey has been.

And so goes Z little bird. She will grow into a strong huge eagle one day :o)

Love & Peace from Zlittle (Suzana)



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